Microsoft Power Apps – All You Need to Know About

Microsoft Power Apps – All You Need to Know About

When you look at Microsoft Power Apps, you are actually looking at a suite of apps, data platform, connectors, and services which provides organizations with a rapid app development environment to help them build powerful custom applications for their business needs. But, more than that, it is a development platform for web and mobile apps that allows users (who know nothing about coding) to reach capabilities which once were possible only through high-end development tools.

A Short Guide on Building an App with Microsoft PowerApps

With the help of Microsoft Power Apps, you can promptly create business applications which connect to your data. Here’s a little overview of how you use Power Apps:

Choose Your PowerApps Environment

Between PowerApps Website, PowerApps Studio, PowerApps Mobile App, and PowerApps Admin Center, you have quite a selection!

Select the Right PowerApps Application Type

You have two choices here - Canvas apps (to target lightweight or disposable apps), or Model-driven apps (for heavier, more intensively-used applications).

Now, Opt for a Storage Type

From SharePoint lists, Excel spreadsheets, to one of the more than 200 data connectors available; you’ll clearly be spoilt for choices!

Lastly, Connect Your Application to an On-Premises or Online Data Source

Power Apps can easily, or rather natively, connect to data sources in the cloud. For on-premises data sources, though, you will have to configure an on-premises data gateway; you’ll find Oracle, SharePoint, SQL Server, Informix, DB2, and Filesystem to be the supported data sources.

Create Powerful Applications Using Power Apps

The business apps built via Power Apps possess rich business logic. They tend to show extraordinary workflow capabilities that can easily digitize your business processes, transforming the manual processes into automated ones. Furthermore, these applications have a responsive design. They can run seamlessly, whether it’s on a web browser, or on a mobile device.

Being certified Microsoft Silver Partner, we, at DynaTech Systems, provide Power Platform services, and Power Apps is an invaluable part of it. Our clients always rest assured, that the combination of Team DynaTech’s expertise and the power of Power Apps, is all they need to cater to their business needs.

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