Why is this the right time to upgrade AX to D365?

Why is this the right time to upgrade AX to D365?

Humans tend to avoid modifications in their lives. While many think that upgrades are an unavoidable necessity, some transitions can actually help make life more efficient. If chosen thoughtfully and enforced correctly, a wise change can strengthen your business and stimulate financial development.

The first step would be Upgrading to Dynamics 365.

Dynamics AX, first released in 2002, is one of numerous ERP solutions offered by the Microsoft Dynamics family. This solution is utilized by midsize to large companies and is a reserve planning solution that can be wielded to organize various departments such as finances, manufacturing, distribution, and HR with its various unique features.

While AX is a desktop application which has limited web and mobile add-on elements, Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive web and cloud-based ERP solution.

Here are just a few of many compelling rationales to switch to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX have a striking contrast when it comes to the features. We should analyze a couple of the huge back-end amends the platform has gone through. 

  • Electronic sign in:

There are a few major changes that you are probably going to spot quickly, two being sending and interface. All Dynamics 365 applications are program-based, so you don’t have to stack up a program on your PC to get to it. Head to an internet browser, and you’re in. This new login procedure is additionally an aid on the openness and portability front, which means the application can be gotten to and run from practically any gadget since it has web access. 

  • New interface:

The polished new plan is pointed toward enhancing client experience and empowering coordinated effort with varied customers. The interface is also adjustable, with every client able to customize their landing page with custom tones and default start pages. 

  • More reconciliations: 

Being a cloud-first stage, Dynamics 365 likewise has the potential for broad reconciliation with different stages. Dynamics 365 coordinates flawlessly with other Microsoft cloud items, for example, Office 365, PowerBI, and Dynamics CRM applications. 

  • Improved business knowledge: 

Dynamics 365 greatly exceeds past adaptations of AX with a reception to computerized reasoning governed scientific administrations as far as detailing and business insight is concerned.

  • Greater adaptability:

You can get a more personalized experience and maximize profits with the option of mixing and matching the apps. And the promising part is that the user experience of these apps is all equally spontaneous. Leveraging sales and field assistance alongside your Dynamics 365 pro with videos gives you the supreme growth platform.

  • Enhanced search:

Regardless of the location, the F&O’s global search characteristic makes it a lot more simpler for you to spot the data you need.

  • Improved integration with Excel:

Integration with Excel offers the users spreadsheets which can be utilized for various functions such as entering, updating, or deleting demand forecasts from within the Finance and Operations interface. Users are also equipped to send abroad account structures to Excel.

  • Quality information:

Data-rich dashboards which are very often depended upon for analytics are effectively and seamlessly integrated into the system.

  • Familiarity:

Because much of the functionality continues to be similar, you can recoup time understanding the software and boost overall efficiency. The core business logic of Dynamics AX that has been integrated into Dynamics 365 with a revamped interface.

  • Extra advantages:

You can also be assured of a 40% discount from Microsoft, the right kind of tools to connect, the security of data, and a must-have move to the cloud option. The cloud-based applications offer more security, compared to the Dynamics 365, because credentials and active threats are monitored 24/7 by Microsoft. This not only protects your information but does so affordably.

The upgrade is what your organization needs and we at DynaTech Systems guarantee you won’t regret the efficiency this much needed upgrade will result in!

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