Can I implement Dynamics 365 in the cloud?

You can deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules either on-premises or on cloud. It depends on your preference. Being leading Microsoft dynamics 365 implementation partners, we will take care of the hosting part. Going Cloud is highly recommended as it is more secure and efficient. Also, they automate the upgrades to save you time. Also, you don’t have to hire a professional to manage your solution as it is managed automatically through the cloud.

Can You Introduce DynaTech?

DynaTech is a renowned Dynamics 365 partner in Denmark offering unparalleled D365 implementation and upgrade services. Our main aim is to build scalable solutions that help businesses to scale up their strategies. With automated processes and customized apps, businesses can manage their operations efficiently and accurately. 

How many users can Dynamics 365 support?

You can choose either Dynamics 365 Enterprise or Business. The Enterprise edition is for large organizations with the strength of 250+ users. On the other hand, the Business edition is for organizations with up to 250 employees.

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