Why DynaTech?

Test Automation

Efficiently identify and rectify potential issues in your e-commerce connectors, ensuring uninterrupted online shopping experiences for your customers.

Azure Load Test

Allow your e-commerce platform to handle the demands of peak shopping seasons, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Azure Policy and Azure Security Center

Prioritize data security with Azure Policy and Azure Security Center, safeguarding your e-commerce transactions and customer information from threats and vulnerabilities.

Azure Functions

Create seamless and serverless solutions that enable real-time data processing and automation, enhancing the agility of your e-commerce operations.

Load Testing

Conduct rigorous load testing to assess the resilience and scalability of your e-commerce connectors, guaranteeing they perform flawlessly under heavy traffic conditions.

Azure API Management

Streamline API design and management, ensuring secure, scalable, and efficient integration between your e-commerce platform and e-commerce connectors for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Azure Monitor

Receive proactive insights into your system's health and performance, ensuring optimal functionality and helping you preemptively address any potential issues.

Azure Application Insights

Gain in-depth visibility into application performance, enabling us to fine-tune your e-commerce connectors for optimal efficiency.

Why DynaTech?

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