Validate Address in Dynamics 365 F&O with EasyPost Integration

Validate Address in Dynamics 365 F&O with EasyPost Integration

With online shopping at an all-time high, the most common method through which customers receive the products they invest in is through packages delivered to their doorstep. For this exchange to take place seamlessly, customers are required to produce or disclose information like their home addresses. However, at times this information may possess certain flaws like typos, missing house numbers, non-existent or wrong postal codes, and more. Businesses now have the opportunity to carry out the process of Address Validation or Address Verification by integrating with their Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations Tool. Thus, enterprises can further the functionality of their D365 F&O as a result of the integration.  Let’s explore in detail the Address Validation in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation. 

What Does an Address Validation Integration with D365 F&O Accomplish?  

Address validation refers to the process of determining if a particular address exists. Businesses could carry out this process manually. However, it will be impossible for businesses that have a larger customer base to do so. Therefore, most businesses now utilize an Application Programming Interface to do it for them.   

These address verification APIs can cleanse, parse, match and structure the given data against a reference database that holds real addresses. Therefore, when an individual who is a customer discloses the right address, the API will be able to accurately verify the address against the reference database. 

DynaTech makes it possible for enterprises to utilize the D365 Finance and Operations application along with the Address validation to assist in the following instances.  

  • In the event of rezoning, the postal code may have changed without the knowledge of the customer.  
  • There may be changes in the delivery time as a result of natural disasters or other unavoidable disturbances.  
  • If a business uses a Customer Relationship Management platform, they may need to make changes to a customer’s address that has changed.  
  • In case an enterprise utilizes order management systems and the format of the address is not recorded correctly.  

Therefore, businesses will require an API to rectify these problems.  

Advantages of Utilising Address Validation in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Address validation can be a painstaking process, given that the postal codes are subject to change occasionally. However, the EasyPost API makes this process dramatically easier for the following reasons:

Reduction of Cost 

The price of shipping delivery to the wrong address can increase a business’ expenditure significantly. In fact, delivering the product to the right address will cost the company double the price. This problem is eradicated when a business utilizes the API as the customer’s address is validated before the checkout process. Thus, the company can ensure that the product is going to the right address.  

Decreased Recording Errors 

The rapid verification process that is put in place will also mean that the chances of recording the wrong addresses will decrease. The verification process, which includes standardization and normalization, will ensure that the data collected is up to date and formatted on the basis of the norms of the country.  

Global Applicability

The verification process provided by the EasyPost integration makes it possible to validate addresses belonging to around 240+ countries. The level of validation in some countries applies to the unit level as well. However, the platform is also looking to increase the reach of the validation service with time. 

CASS Certification

The EasyPost API has attained the Coding Accuracy Support System certification provided by the USPS. This certification will mean that the API is accurate in its ability to match and correct addresses. Therefore, it is nationally recognized as a reliable address validation platform.

Easy Integration with EasyPost

For enterprises’ that utilize platforms like the Microsoft D365 platform to carry out essential business processes can easily integrate the EasyPost API. Thus, an enterprise will be able to completely streamline its business processes alongside its logistical requirements. 

How does the EasyPost API Validate Addresses with D365 F&O?

As mentioned before, Easy Post integrates with the D365 Finance and Operations feature and makes it possible for businesses to validate addresses through a step-by-step process. This includes the following steps:  

Address Input

The first step in the address validation requires a user to type in their address. This will then be collected to undergo the next steps of the process. This information will be considered as “objects” that represent people, places, or businesses to the API. These objects can also differ if the address is a “to” or a “from” address.  


The addresses then undergo cleaning. During this process, the EasyPost tool will remove or rectify any typos that may be present in the addresses provided by customers. This process is especially useful as most customers that make purchases online do so from their mobile devices. These devices have in-built autocorrect options which will alter the addresses in a manner that will not make sense and will, therefore, not be validated.


For the incomplete addresses, the EasyPost API will help to add the required components. This process is also known as supplementation. This addition occurs because of the APIs ability to guess the missing component after comparing it with the database. Therefore, it makes it easier for the address to be validated at the later stages. 


This process involves breaking down an address into separate components. Therefore, components like the street name, house number, abbreviations, and more are separated from each other. This is done to make the address more understandable.  


The last step before the actual verification process is the process of standardization. As per this process, an address will be formatted in a particular manner to make the process of validation more streamlined. This involves the conversion of abbreviations like St. to Street.  

Now that the address is altered in a manner that is easy to validate against the reference database, the customer will receive the products they order.  


With the rigorous verification process that it provides, businesses can ensure that the data being collected is up to date and accurate. This API makes it possible for companies to overcome the logistical challenges that come their way. To attain the above benefits of the Address Validation in Dynamics 365 with EasyPost API, contact DynaTech Systems for seamless integration with the Dynamics 365 platform.  To learn more about the EasyPost integration, consider dropping in an email to 

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