AX 2012 Upgrade to Dynamics 365: Detailed End-to-end Process

AX 2012 Upgrade to Dynamics 365: Detailed End-to-end Process

AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 Upgrade

With advanced functionality, superior architecture, and single-source application, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is the best choice for businesses that demand multi-site, multi-country, and multi-lingual capabilities. And with all things going digital and cloud-first, upgrading from the on-premise business solution to a cloud platform only makes sense. Here, we have explained the detailed end-to-end process of AX 2012 Upgrade to Dynamics 365.

Moving from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations involves many stages, but a trustworthy Dynamics 365 Gold Partner can make all the difference. While your Microsoft Dynamics Partner will guide you through all these stages, knowing what this upgrade entails is essential.

Our Step-by-Step process for AX 2012 Upgrade to Dynamics 365

1. Run the Code Upgrade Estimation Tools

We convert your code from Dynamics AX 2012 into the new format and provide feedback about conflicts. You can get them resolved with your developer.

2. Deploy a Demo Environment

Demo environments can either be deployed in Azure or downloaded as VMs. You run it on your own hardware. These demo environments evaluate new features and do a basic fit gap analysis of the standard processes used in Dynamics AX 2012 and those in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

3. Plan and Execute the Project

The project plan template created during the Analyze phase will now be fed with all the testing details like the functional test pass iterations, data upgrade testing, details on resource assignments for all yaks, etc. Our experts will execute the project plan. You can now purchase Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps as required.

4. Sign up For the LCS implementation Project

The public preview project used for the Analyze phase will be discarded at this stage. You will now have to sign up for a new LCS project called an Implementation project. It will be your new permanent LCS project until your subscription lasts.

5. Identify the Project as an AX 2012 Upgrade

With your first sign-in into your LCS implementation project in the Project Onboarding wizard, the project will be identified as a Dynamics AX 2012 upgrade. It’s an important step that ensures that the deployed sandbox infrastructure is compatible with the upgrade process.
The Dynamics AX 2012 preparation tasks is discovered by the upgrade analyzer tool and documented in your upgrade project plan will be done.

6. Upgrade the Code

The developers will carry out the tasks associated with the code upgrade estimation and the fit gap analysis. Note that no code changes, except emergency changes, shall be allowed in Dynamics AX 2012.

7. Upgrade and validate the Database

After upgrading the code, we will upgrade your Database. The initial upgrade will be done in a development environment to find and debug any issues easily. Once this is done, the upgrade will be run in a sandbox environment. Here, the functional team members, as well as you, the business users, can test the business processes using the upgraded Dynamics AX 2012 data and code. The upgraded Database will be validated and tested to check its practicality.

8. Cutover Testing and Cutover Plan

This is the final process of making the new system live. It’s a phase that guarantees that everyone involved in the actual cutover to go live has a smooth experience. Technical workstream helps to fine-tune the data upgrade procedure to meet your business's downtime limit.
After the data upgrade, the functional workstream will help document and quantify various configuration tasks in the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations environment and assign them a resource so that they fit together with the technical tasks within the downtime limit of your business.

9. A Full Functional Test Pass

At this stage, an extensive retest of all the business processes involving Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations will be carried out to check for any loopholes.

10. Go for a Pre-go-live Checklist before upgrading to D365

A pre-go-live checklist helps to reduce the chances of any errors during the stages between cutover and go-live. We make sure that we check all the items on the list, and only then do we make the project go live.

11. Go live

After successfully completing the upgrade testing in either a Premier or a Standard Acceptance Test environment and a successful test cutover, we can now upgrade your production environment and, finally, go live.

Reasons to Upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365

The upgrade from Microsoft AX to the D365 platform can mean a range of positive changes for a company. The benefits include:

1. Extensive Security Measures

The cloud-based infrastructure the Microsoft D365 platform possesses is its built-in security features. This includes application role-based authentication, and other identity management features that drastically reduce the threats plaguing a company's privacy.

2. Cost-Effective

The D365 platform can also contribute a great deal to the company's savings. This is because Microsoft itself undertakes the task of improving the platform and its applications, eradicating the costs of on-premises servers. Aspects like maintaining the ERP system and sending out automatic upgrades fall on Microsoft, not the company.

3. Better Compatibility

Upgrading from Dynamics AX to D365 will also be highly convenient as it is compatible with any device. Therefore, regardless of the browser or operating system a company uses, employees can seamlessly access all the applications. Accessing applications is made even more accessible as it just requires a single sign-on.Increased

4. Features

The platform’s functionality is astounding as everything from the CRM to AI resources is present on a single platform. This platform makes it possible for employees to integrate their ERP system, eliminating the need for any alterations or dependence on third-party software.

5. Intuitive Interface 

Many aspects of the AX platform and the D365 platform are very similar to each other. Therefore, enterprises that upgrade to D365 will not be required to overcome a steep learning curve.

6. Flexibility of Applications

The new Dynamics 365 platform has a unified ERP & CRM application interface with Power Platform applications that serve the specific needs of a company. Therefore, a company can choose to adopt the platform to their needs, which will further maximize the benefits of using this platform.

7. Presence of Data-driven Insights

Formulating business strategies has always been challenging if a company utilizes Power BI. This analytics tool displays all data and reports in a lucid manner on a dashboard. All the data collected and compiled into insights by the tool is carried out in real time, making it possible to create more relevant strategies.

8. Availability of Promotional Offers

Companies can also become aware of the available upgrade offers that Microsoft has in store for them. Find out these offers on the official Microsoft blog and contact DynaTech to determine how beneficial a migration from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 is.

Why Choose DynaTech  Systems?

In addition to formulating a comprehensive integration strategy, we also make a great Microsoft support partner in the long term. This is because partnering with DynaTech, a reliable AX Upgrade Partner, will bring about the following advantages:

  • Extensive Experience:
    As of now, we have completed four upgrades from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365. In addition to this, we were a part of 12 successful D365 Finance and Operations projects and have been in the industry for around 12 years.
  • Proof of Concept:
    We can provide a definitive POC of the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform to determine if the upgrade or integration is plausible.
  • Free Assessments:
    We also offer free upgrade assessments so an enterprise can afford to consider the upgrade without financial risks. This assessment will allow a company to determine the scope, timing, and budget that one will require to carry out the integration.

The DynaTech  Approach to AX to D365 Upgrade

The manner in which an enterprise integrates Dynamics 365 can significantly affect the adoption of the new platform. Therefore, to make this process as streamlined as possible, DynaTech  makes it a point to follow a three-step approach:

  • Dynamics AX Evaluation
    Before the actual implementation takes place, we make sure that we understand where a client stands in terms of their current Dynamics AX usage. This is because introducing a new platform like Dynamics 365 is most useful when it contributes towards the business goals that an enterprise may want to achieve.
  • Road Map for Dynamics 365
    Once we have a clear idea of what a client wants to achieve with the integration, we create a comprehensive roadmap that will help to orient a client’s journey through the integration. The implementation of this roadmap takes around 24 weeks to complete on average.
    The process begins with understanding and evaluating business processes, migration assessments, and customization needs and ends with the complete upgrade of the D365 platform. However, it does not stop just there. DynaTech will always offer D365 support to their clients well after the upgrade takes place.
  • Benefit From Excellence
    The Dynamics 365 support we offer will help clients benefit from consistent excellence. No longer will one have to stumble through a complex upgrade from an old platform. Instead, with the Capability Maturity Model Integration or CMMI level 3 organization, DynaTech will be the best partner an enterprise can have during this period of change. In addition, we will also help clients benefit from the privileges that being a Microsoft Gold Partner offers.

Ax upgrade to dynamics 365 Process

Final Words

These stages of the AX 2012 upgrade to Dynamics 365 are not exclusive and might differ from project to project. However, the benefits of moving from an on-premise system to a cloud platform will immensely change the way you do business. If you are still using AX 2012, we highly recommended upgrading AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for better productivity and excellence in your growing business. We have upgraded plenty of our clients' AX versions to D365. They have experienced the unparallel outcome from the AX upgrade services we provided as we are the most trusted AX Upgrade Partner. We offer a free evaluation for your enterprise. Just send us your requirements at

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