Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator – Features & Benefits

Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator – Features & Benefits

Industry accelerators help you solve specific business problems and offer powerful connected experiences, pertaining to specific industry verticals, enabling solutions that deliver not just new insights, but more personalized customer engagements.

Nonprofit Industry Accelerator

Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator is specific to nonprofit organizations to help them streamline their operations management, whether it pertains to constituents, grant and award management, fundraising, program delivery, or impact tracking. This accelerator can be used either way – with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or independently with CDM (Common Data Model) for Nonprofits core solution layer which itself is independent of Microsoft D365. This latter solution layer, the one which is not dependent on D365, can be easily leveraged to build Power Apps as well as Power BI visualizations, or to serve as a core layer to the Modern Workplace and Azure solutions.

In the nonprofit sector, nonprofits, ISVs, and others can build their business processes and solutions on top of the new and existing templates and entities which can be found within the nonprofit accelerator. While the current data model does support common nonprofit activities, its design also offers flexibility to support other use cases as well as extensions.

The nonprofit accelerator and CDM for Nonprofits have been designed in collaboration with nonprofits, industry experts, partners, and open initiatives to make sure there is interoperability and an accelerated impact to the nonprofit sector.

Why Use This Accelerator?

Nonprofits have often contended with adopting technologies that are actually designed for

for-profit organizations that do not fit their specific requirements. The D365 Nonprofit Accelerator aims to cut costs and boost efficiencies for nonprofit organizations through interoperability, deep analytics, best practices, and creating turnkey solutions. It includes extensions to the CDM to design solutions for raising funds, awards, and grants, managing constituents, tracking impact, and for program delivery.

In Conclusion

Customers and partners, both want platforms and solutions that are tailored for their own industry. Industry accelerators are the core components within Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform that enable ISVs as well as other solution providers to quickly and effectively build industry- specific solutions. In creating industry accelerators, Microsoft works closely with representatives from different industry verticals to make CDM more relevant to them.

We’d love to tell you more about the Nonprofit Industry Accelerator. If you are interested, please write to us at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com, and we’ll write back to you!

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