Major Highlights of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Plan 2021, Wave-2

Major Highlights of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Plan 2021, Wave-2

Additional features for Dynamics 365 and industry clouds will be accessible from October 2021 through March 2022, according to the Dynamics 365 release plan 2021, Wave 2. Beginning from August 2, 2021, customers and partners will test the latest features in a non-production environment. These improvements include upgrades to the user experience that will be enabled automatically for users in production environments starting in October 2021. 

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics release plan 2021, Wave 2

The 2021 Release Wave 2 for Dynamics 365 and industry clouds introduces new features that will help you improve your business.  The release contains hundreds of new features across Dynamics 365 applications, including Marketing, Sales, Remote Assist, Connected Store, Guides, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Insights, Customer Service, Field Service, Business Central, Human Resources, Commerce, Fraud Protection, Customer Voice, and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Financial Services, and Nonprofit. 


Dynamics 365 Marketing improves the experiences and capabilities for developing customer journeys based on moments and segments across all customer touchpoints, bringing customization to the next level.  

In the new segmentation builder experience, marketers will construct segments for leads and custom entities using natural language to swiftly and efficiently generate segments and target audiences.  

GPT-3 AI can quickly produce email content, which you may subsequently optimize with the easy-to-use AB testing tools. 


Deal Manager, a new, modern workspace for managing your pipeline, is now available as an upgrade to the Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Teams connection, including more collaboration tools and calling capabilities.  

LinkedIn connectivity features for easier access to Sales Navigator, forecasting updates, and guided selling improvements with Sales Accelerator are among the seller productivity investments. The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app, currently available in the iOS and Android app stores, will also get a few new features under the Microsoft dynamics 365 release Plan 2021.

Customer Service 

Knowledge authoring is improved with AI-suggested keywords and brief descriptions for knowledge articles in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. The intelligent routing service assigns incoming service requests from all channels (cases, entities, chat, digital messaging, and voice) to the best-suited agents using a combination of AI models and rules.  

Microsoft is also investing in routine supervisory diagnostics, machine learning-based classification rules like sentiment analysis and effort estimation, and improved historical analytics. 

Field Service 

Dynamics 365 Field Service will introduce a new customer portal that will combine existing capabilities such as the technician locator with new general availability capabilities such as self-scheduling and appointment management to improve service and customer communication. In addition, a new work order form will boost user efficiency. 


Finance Insights is now available in Dynamics 365 Finance, focusing on data-driven insights and providing users with out-of-the-box machine learning for their financial operations. To ensure that financial activities conclude on time, the customers are assisted in gaining productivity when it matters most by improving usability and performance in fixed assets, year-end close, and financial dimensions.  

Supply Chain Management 

With advances in critical areas, including resource planning, production, and warehousing, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management invests in enabling a resilient supply chain. It will help firms make the most use of existing material and capacity to avoid stockouts and keep operations running smoothly.  New factory execution scenarios are provided to make it easier for customers to combine Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, common manufacturing execution (MES) solutions, and shop floor automation systems. 

Project Operations 

Dynamics 365 Project Operations provides extensive functional capabilities for creating and managing project subcontracts with vendors and job scheduling enhancements. 


Dynamics 365 Guides will be enhanced to take advantage of the HoloLens 2’s hand-tracking capabilities, making it a more user-friendly and intuitive tool. While users will use a guide with hands-free interactions, entire application workflows will be simplified and accelerated with a touch-enabled holographic interface. 

Human Resources 

By investing in a streamlined setup and configuration user experience, Dynamics 365 Human Resources improves benefits management capabilities. As part of the Dynamics 365 Human Resources app for Microsoft Teams, the team is continuing to bring capabilities to employees in the flow of work and extend the current capability set. Employees can use the Teams app to submit, update, and cancel existing leave requests. Microsoft is also making it easier for managers to see additional information about their direct reports’ leave balances and see the team and company calendar. 


By integrating with Microsoft ClarityDynamics 365 Commerce prioritizes customer segmentation and targeting, including the ability to target specific customer segments with specific page layouts and content and a better understanding of how end-users interact with pages across sites mouse-action recordings, heatmaps, and analytics. 

Fraud Protection 

Multiple new capabilities in Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection will improve Payment Service Providers’ (PSPs’) capacity to offer Fraud Protection as a value-added service to all businesses. PSPs will quickly incorporate Fraud Protection into their existing infrastructure to manage taxonomies that include many merchants and hierarchies inside each merchant entity. 

Business Central 

New capabilities in Dynamics 365 Business Central simplify and improve how the partners run tenants and how administrators manage licenses and permissions. With over 10 new markets, application enhancements broaden the interface with Microsoft 365 and include country and regional expansions. 

Customer Voice 

This release wave of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice focuses on providing survey owners with actionable insights to act on feedback. Owners of surveys will be able to swiftly gather feedback and use Power Automate to create unique workflows that engage the right person at the right time. 

Customer Insights 

The audience insights capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enable every organization to unify and comprehend their B2C and B2B customer data, allowing them to utilize it for intelligent insights and actions. In this release wave, audience insights will forecast the possibility of churn for accounts using the same basic guided experience as churn predictions for individual customer records in the B2B sector. Additional Power Query connections and changes to the data ingestion process have been added to Customer Insights. Individual and holistic interactive analytics are enabled via engagement insights (preview) in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights across online, mobile, and linked products customer journey touchpoints. For richer consumer analytics, downstream actions, and optimizations, engagement insights expand to multichannel analytics over data from various channels. 

Final Words on Dynamics 365 Release Plan 2021

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