Dynamics 365 Sales Insights: Top Features & Benefits

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights: Top Features & Benefits

Dynamics 365 for Sales is one of the most significant Microsoft D365 products that delivers outstanding ERP capabilities within just one cloud-based business app. From supply chain to financials to sales and purchase orders to inventory to distribution and production processes – these are all seamlessly connected in one single application. You get to gain digital intelligence and great visibility, which you need for your business to deliver excellent customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and boost growth.

Here’s what Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales brings to the table for an organization:

A Complete Customer Profile

With Dynamics 365 for Sales, your team gets offered unique social insights, the latest company information, as well as an embedded sales process is what helps the salespeople target the exactly right contacts, opportunities, and leads in their pipeline.

Using such rich customer profiling and all the targeted information enables the salespeople to engage in more meaningful, more relevant conversations with the customers. To add cherry to the cake, they get to use contextual insights in order to close more deals, much faster.

Personal Engagement Like Never Before!

You can now bid adieu to indulging in rather time-consuming searches so as to find even the simplest of information.

The experience of your team, their wisdom – it is all now available within the shared meeting notes, custom sales documents, and events. And, these living documents are made available in real-time, hence allowing all the team members a chance to co-author these documents based upon their individual experience and knowledge. You can make use of OneNote to take notes as well as share your work.

Outstanding Customer Engagement

Building long-term relationships, building trust – it all takes staying connected with the customers. And the key to doing that is giving your sales staff, not just complete, but consistent information on customers. We have to make sure that every salesperson knows their respective customer completely, that is in terms of their buying history, their birthdays, anniversaries, their family members’ birthdays, or any other preferences. It is when you equip your staff with such insightful info, that they are able to deliver truly personalized customer experiences.

Unparalleled Digital Intelligence

As the sales staff works through the sales cycle, they are empowered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales which makes use of automated business processes and digital intelligence to take the lead.

Through automated lead scoring and predictive analytics, the are provided all the data that is essential to grow your business, as well as increase pipeline growth. The integration of the sales app with Office 365 equips your team with each and every tool they require, every step of the way in their sales cycle.

Better Sales Performance

When you offer your sales team the analytics they need on the real-time insights that you have gathered, in addition to proactive as well as predictive information, you are essentially motivating your team, in fact energizing them, to achieve every one of their goals and meet every deadline.

Power BI Q&A, dashboards, and contextual charts provide the perfect little mix of collaboration and information within Microsoft D365 for Sales. You get to bring the level of distractions down, while better prioritizing all the opportunities and the top goals to maximize the performance of your sales team, monitor results, and finally, hold every single one accountable at each and every step of the way.

Boost Sales Productivity

Your sales team can do their best work on any device of their choice, and from virtually anywhere in the world. Your sales team can be allowed to organize as well as share customer data in real-time – to easily open support cases, track leads, and view customer info – by using Office applications which are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft D365.

Through such seamless integration with Outlook, Skype, and such other familiar productivity tools for Business enable every salesperson to perform routine or mundane activities, such as planning their day, scheduling meetings, holding online meetings, reviewing customer information, and so on, in just a few clicks.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Connector

For you to connect to Microsoft D365 for Sales with Data Integration, you would need Dynamics 365 for Sales Connector. This connector can be used to securely read as well as write data to MS Dynamics 365 for Sales. D365 for Sales objects can be used as targets, sources, or lookups in synchronization tasks, mappings, as well as mapping tasks.

Integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Businesses, across every industry vertical, are rethinking their entire processes and are reorganizing. This solution allows organizations to enhance their key app scenarios by connecting the LinkedIn data graph as well as insights with their system of record. You can now create custom apps that are powered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator intelligence, which further enhance your business processes with information and insights about people, relationships, and organizations.

Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Teams Integration

Integrating Microsoft Teams enables users to work with customer information in the various customer engagement applications, that include Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Sales, easily and efficiently. They can directly share files  from Microsoft Teams, allowing them to be more productive and getting their work done more effectively.

Finally, All You Need is a Trustees Microsoft Partner!
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