How Cloud ERP Solutions are driving value for businesses during the COVID-19 Crisis?

How Cloud ERP Solutions are driving value for businesses during the COVID-19 Crisis?

Most industries continue to operate and follow COVID-19 requirements while employees work from home. While this is an effective approach for some, it presents significant challenges for companies implementing key processes, managing complex systems, and reporting data spread across multiple locations. The only way to flair well in this time of crisis is by adopting the SaaS-based solutions.

Cloud-based ERP system can easily facilitate remote work while also ensuring connectivity, stability, and productivity. Since these systems are based on cloud, they allow your business operations to function from anywhere, any device. Here is how cloud ERP solutions are driving value for organizations during the current COVID-19 crisis:

Boost Security While Following Compliance Standards

As business expectations change rapidly, many industries are under pressure of complying with the regulatory reforms. They have to spend considerable time and resources to ensure data security and privacy. This problem can be easily solved with the cloud-based ERP software. With role-based access control to the system, it prevents the threat of privacy breaches while also complying with common data protection regulations. These verifications are important because fraud and cyber-attacks usually increase during times of financial uncertainty.

Integrate IT Processes

A cloud ERP solution integrates a number of processes and establishes minute-by-minute reporting with employees working remotely. This allows your employees to spend more time on their assigned roles and tasks rather than navigate multiple systems. Such connectivity and automation of key processes leads to less operational errors and inefficiencies, including workflow barriers, employee productivity barriers, and customer service break downs.

Bring Down the IT Costs

Cloud ERP solutions can be operated remotely as they do not require on-site servers or networking equipment. This means less resources to operate the infrastructure and thus, reduced IT costs. Additionally, cloud ERP solutions mostly offer automatic updates, which ensures that your organization is up-to-date with the latest technology.

How Dynamics 365 benefits you during this time?

Driven by intelligence and connectedness, Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive cloud ERP solution that automates your complex business processes, provides real-time analytics powered by business intelligence, connects effortlessly with other business apps, and saves you time and efforts by making the best use of modern technology.

If you haven’t adopted Dynamics 365 – a cloud-based ERP solution yet, now is the time to act. With DynaTech as your ERP partner, you can stay assured of staying ahead of the competition even during this COVID-19 pandemic. Send us an email to get connected.

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