How Has COVID-19 Affected the Manufacturing Sector

How Has COVID-19 Affected the Manufacturing Sector

COVID-19 has caused severe financial, operational, and social disruption in the manufacturing industry. It has resulted in even the leading manufacturers rethinking their workforce safety protocols and risk management and contingency plans, while simultaneously looking out for new ways of working opportunities.

As far as solving the immediate challenges needed to keep the business afloat goes, many have formed rapid response teams to get a better understanding of their labor support challenges, supply chain ecosystem constraints, as well as production demand changes. On the other hand, many have also been focusing on building a future-proof business that uses new technology solutions  solutions to help increase resilience, support workers through the pandemic, as well as help sustain a competitive market advantage to accelerate business growth,, once the economy starts to rebound.

Understanding the Impact That Demand Disruptions Have Had

With the demand priorities in product portfolios changing drastically over time, we see manufacturers:

  • Addressing the opportunities for hypergrowth (such as respirators, frozen goods, etc.)
  • Transitioning, even repurposing legacy lines, and making new products that support the community (such as hand sanitizers)
  • Slowing or completely shutting down production volumes where the disruption has caused the demand to drastically fall

Digital Enablement

Building resilience and fueling rapid change in manufacturing can only come with digital empowerment. Whether it is demand/supply scenario analysis, demand/portfolio analysis, ecosystem relationship collaboration, or labor/skill identification and scheduling, the only way to respond more quickly and accurately amidst COVID-19 disruptions is to work with digital platforms and advanced analytical capability.

Dynamics 365 To the Rescue!

Microsoft Dynamics 365, an integrated and end-to-end ERP as well as CRM solution is fine-tuned to work for the manufacturing industry. It allows clients to seamlessly connect sales and purchasing with production, logistics, warehouse management, and more, for a 360-degree view of their overall supply chain. As a leader in D365 and related Microsoft Business Applications, Dynatech Systems has expertise in providing exactly what manufacturers need, especially in the times of the current pandemic. We help organizations implement smart technology to further streamline their value-chain processes and gain operational efficiency.

A “Worker-First” Mindset!

The significant workforce availability (due to illness or reluctance) and safety challenges posed by COVID-19 have, without a doubt, caused a decline in productivity. New work processes are being put in place at work sites to make sure there is health adequacy. A worker-first mindset means that social distancing of personnel is being followed to ensure both physical and mental safety of the workers, and in effect their respective families. The pandemic has also made many organizations opt for revising the skills of workers to make ‘multi-role coverages’ work. Also, skill revision has been needed for the new product lines and processes, if any introduced.

Final Word

While the balance period of this financial year is likely to be quite difficult, the manufacturing companies can nonetheless do a lot to salvage their positions and build for the future, especially by adopting the right technologies.

The D365 based manufacturing business solution suite accelerators provided by Dynatech Systems is always there to help its clients achieve the necessary results by following globally accepted business process standards and reducing operational as well as service costs. So, this is the right time to have a Trusted Digital Transformation Partner who can make your business ready for the post-pandemic world too. To start your digital transformation journey now, contact us

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