Why Leverage Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services for Your ERP

Why Leverage Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services for Your ERP

The term Managed Services refers to the practice of outsourcing business administration and management responsibilities to a third party. The demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of the recent pandemic. The global managed services market has been projected to reach $356.24 billion by 2025, which was once valued at $185.98 in 2019.

But, how does leveraging in Managed Services work better for Your Microsoft D365 ERP? Here’s why…

You Can Keep Focussing on Your Business Goals

As your business grows, so does your IT. Your IT team can handle this increased workload to some extent, but most likely you will not be able to meet the needs of your business and the IT team will not have employees. And we can all agree that to hand over additional IT responsibilities to non-IT employees should be a far cry from any major business goal. A benefit of managing services is that it not only frees your employees to focus on the jobs they were hired for, but also allows you to fill in vacancies as needed.

You Can Get the Skill You Need

New technology inadvertently creates new problems; your current IT team may not have the knowledge or experience to solve these problems. Whether your systems are in the cloud or on the premises, you need a number of critical resources to support your business solutions, which can create problems when your IT department is really a one-man shop. Microsoft Dynamics Managed services allows you to hire an entire team of IT professionals at a flat monthly rate. Some managed service providers (MSPs) also take a partnership approach to managed services, which means you can add or remove experts from each managed project team as needed, depending on the demands of each project.

You Can Reduce Costs

It reduces labor costs and eliminates the costs of hiring and then training new IT staff. The ability to acquire skills on a scalable basis is very compelling, and most MSPs offer hybrid model offshore and offshore resources that reduce the average effective rate and expand your resource base. After all, since you have signed a service-level agreement that meets the specific needs of your organization, you do not have to worry about unexpected unexpected service costs.

You Can Scale Up or Down, As Needed

As your technology evolves over time, you need to take your system up or down to provide them. Fortunately, systems like Dynamics 365 are quite scalable by design, but you may still need additional support. MSP can respond to demand changes in real time, so you do not have to worry about system timeout.

Final Word

Microsoft Dynamics Managed services works successfully for D365 ERP, as it provides proactive support to your business-critical applications. Offering a 24/7 service across different time zones, Managed Services specialists enable your employees to work care-free, ensuring they can focus on their core business and stay on top in an ever-evolving world.

If you haven’t adopted Dynamics 365 – a cloud-based ERP solution yet, now is the time to act. With DynaTech as your ERP partner, you can stay assured of staying ahead of the competition even during this COVID-19 pandemic. Send us an email to get connected.

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