Dynamics Service Management | Dynamics AX, F&O and SCM

Dynamics Service Management | Dynamics AX, F&O and SCM

We’re living in quite a challenging economic climate; it has become easy for everyone today to view service as the real cost center.

Not only the traditional service industries, but also for manufacturing companies, high-quality service holds a crucial position. Organizations, irrespective of the industry they belong to, are recognizing the increasing relevance of product-related services for their core businesses. And gradually, it’s also becoming clear that achieving a decent service quality, consistently, is no mean feat.

The customer requirements are constantly changing, and they must be met without losing the sight of broader economic goals. Service management in Microsoft Dynamics AX and D365 for Finance and SCM offers enterprises comprehensive support for all their important service activities, like repairs and regular maintenance, complaints and warranty claims.

This ERP service management module allows an organization to optimize their service processes by planning, tracking and analyzing each individual procedure.

How Does Service Management Work as a Feature of MS Dynamics AX and D365 Supply Chain Management?

Service Management can be used to begin the service subscriptions and service agreements, handle customer inquiries and service orders, as well as analyze and manage the delivery of services to the end users.

  • Service agreements can be used to define those resources which are used in a service visit, and see the way these resources are actually invoiced to the end users.
  • A service agreement can also include an SLA which specifies the standard response times and offers the tools required to record the actual time.
  • In A service order We can incorporate Service Objects where services are to be performed or already performed
  • Also update root cause and action items on this service objects

What Good Does This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Feature Do?

Quick Response to Customer Enquiries

The service module in MS Dynamics 365 for F&O can help a company with the planning of their service orders, better managing the usage of resources, as well as with the detailed analysis of data from both a service and a financial perspective.

The service employees of business would always be in a position to directly access order details, service orders, and service and service object history, create personalized service agreements according to customer demands, and hence quickly respond to any customer enquiries. One also gets to take advantage of the close integration with the project accounting in Dynamics AX and D365 for Finance and Operations, which provides a detailed management of recording of multiple service revenue models, service expenditure, and monitoring of service invoices, taking into account the usage of resources or payments on a periodic basis.

Upping the Customer Satisfaction Game with Predictive Forecasting

How an organization meets its customer demands holds great significance. A business has to ensure issue resolution, as effectively and quickly, as possible. But the best service organizations today have already gone a step further. They have upped their game from just reactive scheduling to a more evolved predictive forecasting. It’s a proactive service which not only ensures that more assets don’t break down, but it also goes on to show every customer how essential they are!

With Dynamics Service Management, a business is provided with the critical functionality and support it needs to manage its service business, as well as realize and improve its customer satisfaction level.

Turning Service Activities into Business Opportunities

A business gets to increase the very efficiency of their service processes, and simultaneously, optimize the expenditure as well as the use of resources, owing to the automated service order planning. The integrated service processes which automatically update the whole database without needing to manually record data also help with preventing any errors and saving time.

The service management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations can also be used to directly turn the service activities of an enterprise into profitable business opportunities. The ERP module for service management helps with the repeated linking of identified problems and coming up with intelligent solution proposals while analyzing user feedback and examining the profitability of the organization’s entire service sector.

Implementing a Dynamics 365 F&O Feature

With a Microsoft partner like DynaTech, a business gets experience of decade in Dynamics and Service/Manufacturing industries. Reports for Root cause, Service object analysis, Customer spending analysis, MTBF (Mean time between Failure) are already available. In conclusion, we can say that, with the Service management module, an organization can: 

  • Take care of service orders, 
  • Establish service subscriptions, 
  • Handle customer inquiries,
  • Design service agreements, as well as
  • Analyze and manage the delivery of all customer-related services. 

Service agreements can be used to: 

  • Establish the resources which are used in any standard service visit 
  • See how those resources are invoiced to the end user, and 
  • Specify the standard response times, as well as offer tools to record the actual time, by including a service level agreement in it. 

Service orders, that include information, like: 

  • The number of hours that the service technician will work 
  • The type of repair or service 
  • What needs to repair, including the details about the symptoms as well as the diagnosis, and 
  • Any expense and/or fee related to the repair or service, can be created to manage information about visits by a technically skilled professional, that could be either scheduled or unscheduled, to the customer site. 

Final Word

If you’re interested in details about MS Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM, or you’re looking for the ideal concept to meet your specific business requirements, our experts can help. Contact us today to get started. 

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