DynaTech Recognized As Microsoft India’s Cloud Champions 11

DynaTech Recognized As Microsoft India’s Cloud Champions 11

DynaTech Recognised As Microsoft India’s Cloud Champions 11 

We at DynaTech take immense pride in announcing that we have won Microsoft’s Cloud Champions 11. Cloud Champions 11 Program recognizes and rewards Microsoft Cloud Service Partners from India for accelerating CSP growth in their business. The program serves the purpose of strengthening Microsoft’s relationship with its partners. 

DynaTech has a demonstrated history of assisting businesses with their digital transformation. With evangelical technology or by displaying unmatchable dedication towards client servicing, DynaTech has always contributed effectively.  

Microsoft’s Cloud Champions 11 is a recognition that highlights all the excellent work done at DynaTech. This recognition highlights our efforts and motivates us to keep striving harder.  

Why Microsoft Cloud Champions 11 Matters? 

While the recognition highlights the potential of DynaTech services, it also sets us apart from the crowd. DynaTech is now a brand recognized by the likes of Microsoft. The organizations’ capabilities are time and again validated and advocated by industry leaders, and that’s a considerable achievement. 

Here’s why the recognition matters a lot: 

A Top Tier Organization: Yes! DynaTech was named among the top 11 with some imminent names. Out of over 1000 entries received, Microsoft listed DynaTech among the top 11 and exceptional. This recognition will strengthen the belief of potential and existing clients in the offerings of our organization.  

The Inaugural Issue: If you didn’t know, let us remind you, Microsoft’s Cloud Champions 11 was the first-of-its-kind program. This marks the beginning of an annual event that will recognize top contributors. We are immensely proud to have landed ourselves on this first of its kind list.  

Recognized As a Leader: Microsoft has acknowledged the contribution of DynaTech to the SMB community. DynaTech believes in the power of society, and by offering the proper support to the SMB community, the organization has contributed directly to the growth of the community and country. 

What is Microsoft’s Cloud Champion 11 Contest? 

Cloud Champions 11 is a unique engagement program designed by Microsoft to build up its network of partners by building a community that is often rewarded. All Microsoft Cloud Partners were eligible to participate in the program.  

The contest received over 1000 entries across 92 cities of India. Over 777 partner organizations sent their entries in numerous Groups.  

The contest was open to all direct, indirect, and reseller partners and aimed at rewarding a thriving community of Microsoft partners in India. DynaTech was recognized in the Group A category, which housed two other names from Pune and Mumbai.  

DynaTech System was the only organization from Ahmedabad, Gujarat to make it to the list of coveted 11 Microsoft Partners.  

Final Thoughts  

The contemporary recognition fills every employee and contributor at DynaTech with immense pride and joy. While it is a moment to celebrate and cherish, the organization promises to continue its unwavering support to the SMB Community in the country. 

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, DynaTech lends its quality offerings & services to all organizations willing to undergo a digital transformation. DynaTech is grateful to Microsoft for the recognition and wishes good luck to all fellow members in the coveted list of Cloud Champions 11.  

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