Now More Than 300 Connectors Including SAP ERP Connector

Now More Than 300 Connectors Including SAP ERP Connector

Introducing the SAP ERP connector

SAP is one of the largest providers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the market today, handling an enterprise’s business applications like accounting, sales, payroll, finance, production, human resources, etc. We are happy to announce the public preview of a new SAP ERP connector for Power Apps and Power Automate. The SAP ERP connector allows you to connect your flows and apps to an SAP ERP system – either SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA.

It has the following functionality:

  • Allows you to create a connection to an SAP ECC or S/4HANA Server using either SAP authentication or Windows authentication
  • Allows you to invoke any BAPI and custom RFCs
  • Provides dynamic schemas for the input and output parameters for an RFC or BAPI

The SAP ERP connector can be used from a flow. You can also use it from a Power Apps canvas app, where you can invoke your flows. This abstraction helps in maintaining separation of concern between the complexities for connecting to SAP data, and the app development by Makers in Power Apps.

Now more than 300 connectors!

Besides SAP ERP, in the past two months we have added 18 new connectors – bringing the total to 315 connectors. We have achieved this milestone thanks to the great set of partners that have been contributing connectors for their services — and look forward to the next 300 connectors!

  • Cisco Webex Meetings – Cisco Webex Meetings provides cost-effective enterprise solutions for virtual meetings. Host highly secure and scalable web meetings from the Cisco Webex cloud.
  • Cloudmersive Data Validation – The validation APIs help you validate data. Check if an E-mail address is real. Check if a domain is real. Check up on an IP address, and even where it is located. All this and much more is available in the validation API.
  • Cloudmersive Image Processing – Image Recognition and Processing APIs let you use Machine Learning to recognize and process images, and also perform useful image modification operations.
  • D7SMS – D7 SMS allows you to reach your customers via SMS over D7’s own connectivity to global mobile networks. D7 provides reliable and cost-effective SMS services to businesses across all industries and aims to connect all countries and territories via direct connections.
  • }exghts gen. Document & more – }exghts helps you automatically generate documents. Just scan an accepted ID Card or other document and the relevant information will be extracted and automatically inserted into your new document based on a previously configured template. More actions will come soon.
  • Egnyte – Egnyte is a content collaboration platform that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Connect to Egnyte to manage your files. You can perform various actions such as upload, move, download, and delete files in Egnyte.
  • emfluence Marketing Platform – The emfluence Marketing Platform is a marketing automation platform that allows customers the ability to create, deploy, and track multi-channel campaigns. This connector provides access to the emfluence Marketing Platform API.
  • EXPOCAD – EXPOCAD is a Professional Event Floor Plan Management Software Specifically Created for Show Organizers and Operations Teams to Manage Exhibitors and Exposition Space. Multi-Event Management – Any Venue – Any Size – Indoors or Out
  • KnowledgeLake – Integration with the KnowledgeLake Intelligent Content Automation Platform
  • ObjectiveConnect – Objective Connect is the trusted file sharing platform which allows organisation to share sensitive documents with external parties. Users can create private workspaces and invite participants in the Cloud in a matter of seconds. The collaboration, reporting, security and compliance features allow governments and regulated industries the ability to work externally while having piece of mind.
  • Partner Center Events – This connector allows Microsoft partners to register for specific resource change events related to Microsoft partner center referrals.
  • Partner Center Referrals – Partner center referrals connector will help Microsoft partners to get a bidirectional sync between their CRM instances and partner center referrals system.
  • Priority Matrix – Priority Matrix creates a central source of truth to coordinate all the work your team needs to do. Prioritize all your work, share with your team and focus on the high-impact tasks first. Connect now to manage your tasks automatically.
  • Rencore Governance – Rencore Governance helps you to automate managing your Office 365 tenant.
  • Robolytix – Robolytix is the key online analytic and monitoring tool for Robotic Process Automation using Sonar technology to evaluate, audit, monitor and improve performance of robots operating in any application, RPA platform or custom solution. Manage your RPA projects effectively with exact KPIs. Visualise your whole process at one place.
  • Short URL – Create, update or delete Short URL (Short Links, Tiny URLs) using a custom domain with Click Analytics for any link using the Short URL connector. The flow connector is a companion of a Short URL for SharePoint. Short URL allows the creation and use of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks fully integrated within SharePoint!
  • Telephony Xtended Serv Interf – Integrate with BluIP’s telephony system to take your call to the next level. Telephony Xtended Service Interface (XSI).
  • Witivio – Witivio 365 and Microsoft Flow.
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