Shopify Dynamics 365 Connector for Sales & Business Central

Shopify Dynamics 365 Connector for Sales & Business Central

The Shopify Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central helps you not only save a lot of money but tons of time as well. Stop wasting time on redundant double data entry, and grab your chance to manage all your data, at a great pace and in a single place!

Because it will go on to enhance the operational efficiency of your business, help you deliver your orders – both accurately, and on time.

1) Web Orders Synced to Sales Orders – in Real-Time!

  • Shopify Dynamics integration solution allows you to automatically export as well as synchronize both orders and customer data, in real-time, from your e-store to Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify.
  • With Shopify Dynamics 365 Connector, you will always be able to maintain the consistency of your front and back-office data.

2) Automated Stock Updation & Inventory Management!

  • It allows you to seamlessly export any inventory information and pricing from Microsoft Dynamics AXDynamics NAV, and Dynamics 365 Business Central to Shopify Plus, yet again, in real-time.
  • With this automatic update in inventory levels between your AX, NAV, and D365 Business Central back-office, you get support for different currencies and multiple pricing tiers, for every transaction you make.

3) Automatically-Synced Order Fulfillments!

  • Status update for your fulfilled sales orders, complete with the shipping details, can be automatically exported in real-time when you integrate AX and Shopify with D365.
  • Whether it is a partial fulfilment of sales orders or recurring orders or order cancellation or chargebacks and refunds – The Shopify Dynamics 365, NAV and AX Connector supports it all!

Final Word

With Shopify and Dynamics integration, managing your eCommerce business will get both seamless and easier. You can trust DynaTech Systems, an official Microsoft Silver Partner, for your Shopify connector; and you can trust Shopify to handle all of your different business processes, like payments, secure checkouts, and marketing.

The connector, on the other hand, is what enables the integration of back-end systems which are offered by Dynamics, like invoicing, shipping, and order picking. It is the Connector that allows you to synchronize data and automate all your tasks while always ensuring a certain consistency to all your processes.

In the end, it only helps you focus on the more important things with respect to growing your business.

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