Streamline Warehouse Operations: Unleashing the Power of DynaTech’s Warehouse Management Module

Streamline Warehouse Operations: Unleashing the Power of DynaTech’s Warehouse Management Module

In today’s fast-paced commerce landscape, where speed and cost-effectiveness are crucial, effective warehouse management is vital for achieving higher profits. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, strategic distribution and delivery operations are essential for meeting business objectives and overcoming challenges.

This is where warehouse management plays a key role in the Supply Chain. They enable businesses to enhance retail operations, reduce costs, and meet customer demand promptly.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) of DynaTech offers many benefits that make it an excellent way to automate your operations and logistics processes.

Let’s dive deeper into this module of DynaTech!

Overview of the Warehouse Management System

DynaTech Warehouse Management System powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management offers a robust framework for managing various warehouse operations. It seamlessly integrates with other modules within the Dynamics 365 suite, enabling a unified ecosystem that combines inventory management, order fulfillment, and procurement. This integration enhances efficiency and effectiveness in warehouse operations, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for optimizing their supply chain processes.

For example, WMS interacts with the inventory management module during internal movement, stock adjustments, replenishment, and cycle count operations. It also integrates with the product information management module for defining item-handling units of measure and reservation hierarchies. Furthermore, it interacts with procurement, sales management, production control, and transportation management modules for various operations within the warehouse. These integrations enable businesses to gain real-time visibility of data flow and ensure that operations are systematic and timely. Invest in DynaTech Warehouse Management System powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, rather than SAP or Oracle, to enjoy its distinct features and cost-effectiveness.

Setting Up the DynaTech’s Warehouse Management System in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management


The complete setup of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, along with general warehouse parameters, should be installed.

To set up the WMS, go to the Warehouse management parameters page under Warehouse management > Setup.

1. Configure the components for the inbound warehouse process workflows

2. In the same way, configure outbound warehouse process workflows

3. Configure the layout and zones. The Administrator would be able to do this.

4. Configure Wave templates, Work templates, Work pools, and Location directives. These are the most crucial components to be configured.

Roles Assignment in WMS of DynaTech

Assigning roles is a critical aspect of warehouse management within the Supply Chain Management module. Administrators have the responsibility to assign roles to users, controlling system access and permissions. Standard roles are typically assigned, but they can be extended or customized based on specific company requirements. This ensures that users have the appropriate access levels and responsibilities to perform their tasks effectively within the warehouse management system.

Key Functionalities of Warehouse Management System


Inbound Material Flow

The Inbound Material Flow functionality in DynaTech Warehouse Management Module enables smooth receiving of goods while capturing essential information like purchase orders, item details, and quantities. It offers advanced features, including the option for cross-docking, where goods can be directly transferred from receiving to shipping without going through the put-away process. Quality control measures can also be implemented during the receiving process to ensure incoming goods meet the required quality standards before being stocked into inventory.

Outbound Process Flow

With DynaTech Warehouse Management Module, businesses can streamline their outbound process flow to achieve customer satisfaction through efficient order fulfilment. Intelligent AI-powered algorithms optimize order picking, reduce travel time, and improve productivity. Different picking methods like wave picking, zone picking, and batch picking are supported. The module also offers automated packing suggestions, packing material management, label printing, and seamless integration with shipping carriers for smooth order delivery and tracking.

Use case of Warehouse Management System

Fundamental terms for WMS

1. Shipment – a single delivery to the same customer and destination

2. Wave – a group of order lines released for picking at the same time

3. Work – a transaction performed by warehouse workers to complete a specific process

4. Load – items carried to customers, such as in a truck or parcel

When there is a goods/order release to the warehouse process, it triggers the generation or processing of multiple documents. First, a new shipment is generated or consolidated into an existing open shipment, depending on shipment consolidation policies. After that, a wave is created as a new wave. Once the wave is processed, it leads to the generation of work and a load. While the Work defines the instructions for picking and putting items, the Load represents the delivery of items to the customer.

The fundamental components of the warehouse management module consist of shipment consolidation, wave templates, work templates, location directives, and load templates. These configurations establish the system’s approach to consolidating shipments, managing wave processing, specifying work task instructions, and determining the equipment utilized for load delivery.

How does the Warehouse Management Module of DynaTech support Inventory Management?

– Accurate Tracking

– Efficient Order Fulfilment

– Optimal Space Utilization

– Accurate Inventory Cycle Counting

– Demand Forecasting and Planning

– Organized Replenishment and Stock Rotation

– Performance Measurement and Analysis

End Note

Leverage the full potential of the Warehouse Management module of DynaTech powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to streamline your inventory management and warehouse operations.

To unlock the complete capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and establish a firm foundation in the supply chain, partner with DynaTech Systems, a distinguished Microsoft Gold & Solutions Partner recognized for delivering customized and cutting-edge solutions. Get in touch with us now to embark on a path toward success!

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