Digital Transformation – Top 4 Strategies For Your Readiness

Digital Transformation – Top 4 Strategies For Your Readiness

A global survey by Twilio states that the current COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated business transformations. Digital Transformation has become the top priority and businesses everywhere are set to start their journey with the cloud.
Here are the top 4 digital transformation principles that you should incorporate into your overall digital business strategy to ensure better future-readiness:

1. Adopting a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Most companies that were still skeptical with the idea of ​​migrating to the cloud are slowly yet surely intensifying their pace in this area. This is because businesses are moving towards remote working and just about everything is going digital. In this scenario, hybrid cloud, due to its inherent flexibility, efficiency, and agility, offers the best of both worlds for businesses, and is thus seeing a phenomenal growth. For example, many companies have now started utilizing cloud platforms, and online applications to boost their digital presence and growth.

2. Re-evaluating the Need for Online Communication Tools

Organizations are continually identifying and evaluating online communication and collaboration tools for their employees and partners to work remotely. The rise of the adoption of collaboration tools means digital transformation has really made it possible to work from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, with work-from-home getting normalized, businesses are also looking to boost employee digital experience and increase operational efficiency so as to be
ready for post-coronavirus future too.

3. Revamping of Sales Channels

The lockdowns and curfews during this COVID-19 pandemic have not only changed the consumer purchasing policies but also how the sales and supply chain work. The online channel that was no more than a discretionary for brick and mortar companies earlier, is now becoming a mandatory sales channel. Automation and connectedness across all the business processes are thus the need of the hour. Needless to say that businesses need a well-designed digital strategy and a well-thought investment for it to keep themselves up and running in the future.

4. Combating Data Breaches

From the outset of the pandemic, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of cyber- attacks and data breaches. This is mainly due to a significant shift to remote work with inadequate policies and strategies in place. It is of utmost importance that while strategizing your digital adoption policy, you ensure safety practices to ensure data breaches by cloud misconfigurations, Phishing attacks and credential disclosure, Exposed Internal API/ portals, etc.

Final Word…

Though there are uncertainties about the post-coronavirus future, the only thing we are sure of is that the world has gone digital faster than ever before and this is not stopping anytime soon. So, this is the right time to have a Trusted Digital Transformation Partner who can make your business ready for the post-pandemic world too. To start your digital transformation journey now, contact us.

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