Guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerators

Guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerators

Any organization today needs to deliver a differentiated customer experience. And that requires a strong business strategy designed around data pertaining to customer engagement and other consumer insights. The same goes for banks and financial firms as well.

Microsoft D365 brings ways for the financial services sector to tap into the tremendous volumes of data available to them to offer an enhanced customer experience, and an empowered digital experience

Banking and Financial Services Accelerator

With the help of Financial Services Accelerator, both partners and customers are allowed to quickly and efficiently build banking and insurance solutions on Dynamics 365 as well as the Microsoft Power Platform. The very foundation of the Financial Services Accelerator lies in the Microsoft CDM (Common Data Model) which includes an industry data model that supports Financial Services. Along with the data model, the Financial Services Accelerator also includes apps, experiences, business processes, as well as dashboards for common use cases in insurance and banking.

Why Use This Accelerator?

People need a banking experience that not only differentiates banks from the competition, but also drives customer acquisition, loyalty, and finally, fosters long-lasting relationships.

This Banking Accelerator has been built by Microsoft in collaboration with industry partners that include Wealth Dynamix, Fiserv, and VeriPark, creating it in line with the BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network)-defined open standards. These partners, having shared their industry-specific knowledge and expertise with Microsoft, helped build a common data structure on top of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

The D365 Banking Accelerator empowers financial institutions with the consistent and well-structured data that they require in order to effectively bring powerful and innovative banking solutions to the market. Building off sand using this accelerator makes it possible for partners, including developers, ISVs and SIs (systems integrators), and banks to quickly develop solutions that help in delivering a better banking experience.

Final Word

The Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator, in addition to the data model, includes sample apps, workflows, as well as dashboards for retail and retail banking. As it joins a growing list of industry-specific accelerators, it shares the platform with the likes of automotive, education, healthcare, and nonprofits. Just like every other accelerator, this one too is a foundational element of Microsoft Business Applications that makes the ISVs and other solution providers develop a way to build industry-specific solutions on the Microsoft Power Platform.

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