Everything About Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Everything About Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service seeks to increase consumer engagement by assisting users in providing timely, personalized service in order to meet customer expectations. It can help your company to reach consumers, motivate your team, and find new ways to contribute value.  By permitting users to participate on their own terms, be it through self-help, or staff support, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can allow your organization to increase loyal customers and enhance the profitability you provide to customers. 

What are the benefits of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is built on top of its Microsoft Dataverse data architecture. It offers a combined solution to performance, allowing businesses to employ only the features they require. Moreover, the AI-enabled agent experience, multiple-channel handling, and implementation of the right productivity tools result in a smooth and efficient workflow for your employees. Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service include: 



Self-service solution 

Activate high-quality virtual agents for uninterrupted customer support through seamless self-service solutions. 

Resolve Issues Easily 

Dynamics 365 provides AI-powered chatbots for quick and easy redressal of complex issues. 

Highly customizable 

Establish personalized customer engagement with a 360-degree view of customers, interacting on their preferred channel. 

One platform for all 

Switch between solved and open tasks easily with an integrated, user-friendly dashboard. 

Customer feedback 

Create and deliver online surveys using Dynamics 365 CRM solution, analyzing and taking action on customers' feedback efficiently. 

Track performance 

Gain real-time business insights with performance indicators such as case volume, priority cases, average resolve time, and active cases. 

Power apps integration 

Strengthen Dynamics 365 Customer Service by integrating tools like Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing for excellent customer service and related domains. 

Features of D365 for Customer Service? 

  • Customer Service Hub: At its most basic level, its Dynamics Customer Service Hub provides a uniform interface for the team member to view all account and provider problem information. 
  • Entitlements: In Dynamics 365, entitlements determine the level of assistance that clients are assigned. Customer Service in D365 will compute the outstanding case/hours allowed based on the conditions set as long as the entitlement is effective, enabling the client service staff to focus entirely on resolving issues. 
  • Voice of the customer: This feature gives clients the greatest options for collecting feedback quickly and easily in your Dynamics 365 installation. With the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, anyone may construct inquiry forms. 
  • Service Level Agreements: If an SLA is set for a client, the SLA information will appear under a tab at the foot of each case generated for that consumer, along with ongoing timings based on the contract 
  • Automated Case Creation: In Dynamics 365, administrators can set up automated case forwarding so that every email sent through the mailbox is automatically converted to a case record and allocated to the appropriate queue. 
  • Knowledge Articles: Managing knowledge articles using Dynamics 365 provides several advantages, including retaining several versions of the same knowledge article. Users also can translate and distribute knowledge items with consumers.
  • Service Activities and Scheduling: In Dynamics 365 for Dealing With customers, businesses can organize the resources to assist visitors by creating Service Activities. Different source groupings may be created, and particular individuals can be sent on visits according to their accessibility.  

Real Example of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service  

A beverage company had several manufacturing units, packaging units, and retails stores across the country. The manufacturing giant required cohesive communications technologies that allowed the company to function as a single entity. 

With a shift to Microsoft solution specifically Dynamics 365, the company can improve its customer engagement, security and analytics. With 24*7 automated customer service agents, the company can also achieve a much faster redressal of customer issues. Also, the real-time performance indicators can help the company keep track of its current performance and know the areas of improvement.

How to implement Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?  

Since installations require a tiered strategy to guarantee the system is deployed in cooperation with other associated technologies. Here are the Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation steps

1. Diagnosis of the needs and set-up 

The first step consists of meeting and discussing with the management team about your business’s basic needs about the software. 

2. Analysis of requirements  

After understanding the basic needs, the team then starts the project and then understands the detailed requirements and specifications of the solutions you require. 

3. Design and Development of solutions 

After analysis, the team works towards implementing features according to the business’s needs or customizing a feature from the existing set of combinations the Dynamics 365 platform offers. 

4. Deployment of the solutions 

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is available to implement top-tier customer services and communication for effective management.  


Further, the solution updates rolled out the implementation with regular check-ups, training, and testing to understand the solution’s effectiveness. Robust customer service can determine the reliability of a business. Maintaining a strong, long-term connection with your consumers is the key to an ever-growing customer base. Regular monitoring of all exchanges makes it easier to handle future issues, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

DynaTech Systems, an official Solutions partner with Microsoft, provides you with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, which is a one-stop solution for excellent customer management. Personalize your service with AI-enabled insights, and build brand affinity and customer loyalty with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. We help your business with Microsoft’s Dynamics solutions through our expert consultation, implementation, and customization. Schedule a free demo from Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner today. 


1. What are the System requirements for Dynamics 365? 

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Windows 10), and Apple Safari 11 are all compatible with Dynamics 365. 

2. Is there Data privacy for Customer Service with Dynamics 365? 

Users (or data subjects) are given specific rights under the GDPR when their data is processed. These entitlements include the ability to correct inaccuracies in personal data, have their data erased or restricted from further processing, obtain their data, and have a request to have their data sent to another controller fulfilled. 

 3. What are the Dashboard features for Dynamics 365 Customer Service?  

The Customer Service and Omnichannel for Customer Service Insights widgets offer a variety of charts and analytics to help better comprehend the elements which can enhance the customer experience for any company. Real-time performance indicators like active cases, average resolve time, survey sentiment, incoming cases by channel, case age, etc., help you know your current performance and areas that need improvement.

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