Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features That a Business Must Tap

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features That a Business Must Tap

Microsoft, one of the major tech giants in the world today, has established itself as a vendor who understands today’s retailers better than anyone else. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail Industry, Microsoft has been guiding eCommerce retailers into creating exceptional experiences for e-shoppers. Being official Microsoft Silver Partners, Dynatech Systems has helped organizations benefit from this perfect omnichannel business solution, building them a modern, friction-free, digital storefront.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail Industry

This Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows organizations to empower their employees across all channels and focus on connecting better with their customers.

Some of the benefits that a business can reap from using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail Industry are:

  • Better customer reach
  • Increase in staff productivity
  • Rapid expansion
  • Enhanced brand value
  • Improved ROI
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased average purchase size
  • Better trend anticipation and a more effective capitalization of new opportunities
  • Provision to check the availability of requested items in other stores
  • Alternative product suggestion in case the requested items are not available
  • Increases sales of promotional items to further increase the shopper traffic
  • Deeper, more durable, and profitable customer relationships fostered over time

Shift the Focus to Certain Key Areas of Your Business

The digital market is full of e-stores, with a lot of them selling the same bunch of products and services. So, what makes one ecommerce platform better than the other? To a very high degree, it is customer satisfaction that sets a business apart from the crowd. Through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, these are the key areas that a business can expect to get more focus on:

  • Empowering everyone involved with the business to be, in some way, a part of customer service
  • Making use of a single source of customer data to truly gain a peek at the 360° view of operations

Transforming customer service from being a cost centre to being a strategic asset

Final Word…

In conclusion, if you’re a business that wants to:

  • Increase their standards for customer satisfaction,
  • Strengthen their customer loyalty,
  • Identify new sales opportunities,
  • Handle more calls without having to recruit more staff, and
  • Increase their visibility of customer service performance indicators

Then, wait no more! Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Service is definitely what your business needs!

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