Dynamics 365 Human Resources Solution for Employee Management

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Solution for Employee Management

Dynamic 365 Human Resources is a state-of-the-art tool that accelerates employees’ onboarding and offers incomparable tools to help employees achieve great success at work. Formerly, known as Microsoft Dynamic 365 Talent now offers a robust solution for all queer challenges faced by HR. Global organizations are undergoing a paradigm shift. Businesses are investing in employee engagement these days to sustain their customers and improve CSAT scores.

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a giant business solution in the world today. It empowers all channels of business including customer connectivity through Dynamics 365 CRM. Not just that you can also manage every unique case effectively with D365 CRM.  

While employee engagement is also gaining quite momentum these days. To reduce attrition and control employee churn, HR needs to identify underlying challenges and allocate substantial resources. HR management is under due pressure to onboard potential candidates while taking proper care of the existing employees.  

Top Features of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Human Resources

 Microsoft has been the epicenter of some great business tools; with LinkedIn in their satchel, they have enough data to bank on and create tools that cater to the core processes of varied departments.  

Some of the most popular features of Microsoft Dynamic 365 HR includes: 

 The new and extravagant Dynamics Human Resources comes with a unique People & Task Management Dashboard. The dashboard enables HR to control all elemental processes like hiring, onboarding, transfer, and termination. HR can leverage the same dashboard for collecting varied permissions from managers and other stakeholders to complete core processes like hiring, termination, or transfer.  

 The task management dashboard doubles its checklist and allows HR to keep a tab on systematic progress. With these features, HR can be sure that all employees have completed the varied steps involved in the onboarding or termination cycle. 

  • Self-Service with Dynamics Human Resources 

 Once HR has anchored the onboarding process with Microsoft Dynamic 365 HR, the employees can use the same tool for fulfilling different requirements. As mentioned earlier, the tool doubles as an interface to help every stakeholder enjoy access to quality services and accurate information.  

Employees can find diverse requisite information about banking, contractual, employment, compensation, and leaves through the self-service dashboard. 

  • Benefits Management 

 The solution is ushering HR and employees into the era of contactless servicing. Employees can now access, view, and understand various benefits bestowed upon by their employer without getting in touch with HR.  

 The benefits management dashboard allows employees to view all benefits they are eligible for. Employees can use the same interface to enrol in programs, request benefit enhancement, and raise other customization requests.

  • Leave & Absence 

 In an attempt to solve all blockages and make employee management a streamlined process, Microsoft has introduced Leave & Absence feature in the new Dynamic 365 HR tool. Now employees can access requisite info about leave and absence through this interface. The dashboard offers an improved understanding of carry-over leave balance, along with accruals, holidays, sick leaves, and other crucial information.  

  • Optimize HR programs – Integrate with payroll and enhance recruitment system

You can achieve payroll, estimates, and tax filings by connecting with your payroll software and applying Dynamics 365 Finance for complete cost tracking. 

Also, you can identify the ideal candidates by connecting with your current talent acquisition systems to manage your entire recruiting event. 

  • Performance Management 

 If employees can be onboarded and serviced through a digital interface, why can’t their annual performance can be evaluated with the same solution? Performance Management dashboard allows managers and HR to view periodic performance metrics of an employee in one place. 

 The performance management process consists of short steps that ensure all metrics; guidelines are followed in due process. The dashboard allows HR to identify the top-performing employees with great ease. Organizations can raise customization requests and gain access to a tailor-made dashboard that helps in performance review processes. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Insights Highlights

 It is interesting to observe the rise in digital adoption impacting the way business operates. Do you know Dynamics 365 helps in driving efficiency during the current pandemic? Also, Microsoft can help to build and scale new business verticals through Dynamics365 accelerators.  

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Implementation Partner 

 This solution is revolutionizing the way organizations onboard, evaluate and manage their employees on a day-to-day basis. A leading, global Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR implementation partner – DynaTech Systems a Microsoft Gold Partner can help you to thrive in human capital resource management. 

We have an extremely qualified and accredited consulting team that is committed to understanding your unique business challenges. DynaTech Systems a Microsoft Gold Partner team aims for business empowerment to enhance  Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR capability so that you can drive your business effortlessly. For more inquiry reach out to us at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com

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