Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management and Its Benefits

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management and Its Benefits

In today’s high-velocity sales environment, businesses want to cut out the complexity in sales and purchase management. As digitalization has covered every industrial domain, many businesses have already started their sell and purchase an online business.  To avoid the blunders that led to breaking down the system such as errors in tracking the orders from customers, entered wrong shipping address, improper inventory insights, and to meet the expectations of your consumers, the Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management System (OMS) is an absolute necessity that can help business owners to centralize and automate their order management process, and stay ahead in this competitive market.  

Innumerable organizations are struggling to modernize their operations to keep up with the growth and smooth process. According to a recent study, it has found that around 65% of companies expect nearly half of their sales to come up from digital platforms in the future years.  On the same hand, many companies are not so confident with their supply chains, so they need up-gradation for streamlining their operations. Moreover, the pandemic situation gave the companies longer fulfilment times and slower distribution experiences.  

The latest launch of the Microsoft Dynamic 365 application can centralize order processing over the various sales platforms and fulfilment methods. By automating your workflow, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management System allows controlling customers’ experience. This platform has designed to adapt the future order, eliminate the fulfilment complexities effortlessly, and support online buying, picking up in-store, or picking up from the curbside. The entire lifecycle of an order can be managed centrally through this flexible supply chain system. The instant response to the disruptions can be done without delay, and delivery can occur by the promised time. With this product, Microsoft has unlocked the new doors to meet consumers’ requirements by being more responsive.  

What are the features of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Intelligent Order Management System? 

  • Pre-built Platform Connectors:

Intelligent Order Management is a mature space and it does not depend on the other D365 applications. With this system, organizations can use unconventional pre-built connectors like e-commerce- Bigcommerce and Shopify from an ecosystem and can configure over 200 Microsoft Power Platform connectors effortlessly to add the future order intake, fulfilment, and delivery methods.

  • Payment Integration:

The payment feature is also in-built in this system. The proper cycle of the payment system is followed from taking the orders from placed through credit card to order confirmation that is based on the fulfilment status. The business will get the automated generation of invoices to a business application when routing orders from on-account sales. Such actions that occur during the order management cycle can be done through an orchestration designer in-built. And also with Paypal and other online payment system integration.  

  • On-Time delivery:

Automation and optimization of order accomplishment by orchestration system that is based on rules.  IOM knows how to efficiently manage delivery capability to help accomplishment approaches. 

  • Tax Compliance:

By having the ability to connect with 3rd party tax engines, this system gives you to manage tax determination and compliance part related to order management. You can also integrate this platform with AvaTax. From the automated calculation of tax rates, product classification, remit tax payments to jurisdictions, this system manages exempt sales and manages exception documentation as well.  

  • Responding to Disruption Smartly:

It’s a faster and more flexible system that responds to the disruption during the order management and modeled to give automated responses to order-fulfilment constraints. It helps to be sure of on-time delivery and improve modify the order journey. 

  • Reference API:

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Intelligent Order Management system offers you independence from other business applications and allows you to share data with other applications as well. By its reference architecture, you will be able to build the needed connection points from order source and orchestrations through to fulfilment and delivery. 

  • Best Tracking and Controlling of System:

The inventory insights will be more efficient with this software. It allows smarter fulfilment orchestration and also enables to achieve system monitoring like never before. Real-time visibility into orders, tracking, intake to fulfilment can be helpful with customizable integrated dashboards. 

End Note  

The solution-driven software delivered by Microsoft Gold Partner  DynaTech Systems revolutionized your operations. It constantly delivers exceptional experiences to the business owners by integrating with their existing systems like ERP and CMS and scales without any limit in the cloud. Before jumping to it, ask the expert for assistance for Microsoft Dynamic 365 Order Management System.  Feel free to contact us for the integration. 

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