Dynamics 365 Media & Communication Accelerator – Why to Use

Dynamics 365 Media & Communication Accelerator – Why to Use

The very purpose of a business accelerator is to help companies under that specific industry vertical by nourishing them with the knowledge, support, as well as connections that they need to grow and be successful.

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 accelerators, they are here to provide opportunities to organizations to help them rapidly build their vertical through creating industry-focused applications, while also enabling SIs who can help them scale these new applications and solutions.

Amongst the many industry verticals that Microsoft has brought out accelerators for, we’re going to be looking at the Media and Communication Accelerator here.

Media and Communication Accelerator

The Dynamics 365 media and communications accelerator includes pre-built solutions which focus on sports management, event and venue management, ticketing and advertising sales, media sponsorships, and a variety of guest interactions including different event registrations as well as the tracking of loyalty programs. A great thing about the media and communications accelerator is that it easily integrates with the D365 Sales app and includes dashboards, fields, forms, and views.

Why Use This Accelerator?

This accelerator has been designed to help the successful progression of a customer from an anonymous or even a casual guest towards becoming a regular attendee, or a subscribing member, or an active member of a loyalty program, to finally becoming a lifetime or loyal customer.

This accelerator can be used:

  • To schedule industry events such as concerts, conferences, sporting events,
  • To plan all of the attractions, concession stands, and rides within theme parks, museums, or such other venues,
  • To help customers search and then register them for upcoming media events, to attend the event,
  • To make sure that sports teams, leagues, organizations, etc. can seamlessly manage and schedule their games, players, seasons, referees, scorers, and so on, as well as
  • To build new product sales apps that help promote, sell, and manage media-specific products, such as advertising, subscription services, and ticketing

Final Word

The Dynamics 365 media and communications accelerator by Microsoft is here to help institutions optimize their fan engagement, improve their customer interactions, better their profile, gain insights from the customer analytics, and finally be able to soundly predict consumer actions.

Would you like to know how the media and entertainment industry further benefits from this accelerator? Write to us at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com, and we’ll let you know more about it!

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