Warehouse Management in Dynamics 365 | Know All About it

Warehouse Management in Dynamics 365 | Know All About it

Warehouse management is what goes into the many distinct processes that allow companies to control as well as administer warehouse functions, right from when the goods or materials are inside a warehouse until they get dispatched.

As an example, through warehouse management, one gets visibility into a company’s inventory at any given moment and location, no matter if the materials or goods are lying on the shop floor, or whether they’re in transit.

This warehouse management module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been designed and made available only after identifying every major and minor aspect of the industry that can better streamline the supply chain management. In addition, it has been completely integrated with the other modules, including sales, manufacturing, quality, transportation, and purchase.

Why go for WMS in Dynamics 365?

A few upsides of using advance warehousing module within MS Dynamics 365:

  • Barcode/QR code label generation, as well as scanning capability of inbuilt warehousing mobile app
  • Palletized inventory via the use of a license plate
  • Inventory status controlling the inventory properties
  • Enhanced and more detailed order picking, packaging, shipping, and delivering process
  • Capacity tracking as well as auto-suggestion of inventory locations

Enhanced cycle counting

Final Word

Warehouse management has a lot of features that add value to, as well as make warehouse operations streamlined for a business.

Through inventory and tracking movement via barcode scanning, the process becomes more optimized. Then, there is Pick and pack which concerns the dispatch process – that is keeping track of which inventory is out of premises either for transferring it to other premises, or selling it to a customer. WMS also allows one to generate shipment, more specific to the customer side, against transfer orders and even multiple sales orders. Something that seems as simple as Label generation is another important step to look for at the time of different inventory transactions, such as purchase receiving, sales dispatch, production output booking, and so on.

To be informed about the various updates on the Warehouse management module of MS Dynamics 365, or just get better acquainted with its features, let us know at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com.

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