Elevate Customer Experience with Voice Channel in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Elevate Customer Experience with Voice Channel in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect instant information and quick resolutions to their issues. Exceptional customer service is a crucial factor for companies to stand out from their competitors and thrive in revenue. When self-service options fail, customers often turn to customer service centers through various means such as chat, phone, email, and social media for solutions to their problems, such as broken devices or refunds.

Despite the rise of digital channels, voice communication remains the preferred mode of communication in many locations. To provide an omnichannel experience, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers businesses a voice channel to connect with their customers through voice calls. This feature helps companies to improve their customer service game and cater to the needs of their customers effectively.

What is Voice Channel in D365 Customer Service?

The Voice channel is an additional feature that enhances the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service chatbot by enabling it to handle phone calls. Using this add-on, businesses are able to make use of Power Virtual Agents chatbots for IVR (Interactive Voice Response). The same bot architecture which is utilized for live chat, SMS, and social messages can also be used for voice channel in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CS to handle customer calls.

Distinct Features of Voice Channel

1. Call Queuing

Create call queues to ensure that customers are routed to the right agent as per the customers’ requirements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Configuration of the call queues can be done based on the customer representative’s language, skill set, and availability.

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is a feature that allows customers to interact with a computerized voice response system. It helps customers to get their queries resolved without waiting for an agent. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables businesses to build customized IVR menus for customers to navigate through diverse options.

3. Call Routing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service routes the customer call to the right agent based on the customer’s profile and previous interaction history. This helps agents to provide personalized and efficient support to customers.

4. Call Recording

Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Voice Channel, companies can record customer calls for quality assurance and training purposes. Call recording is also helpful while resolving disputes and ensures compliance with legal regulations.

5. Call Transcription

Voice Channel uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to transcribe customer calls into text incorporating Sentiment Analysis. Based on it, agents can quickly respond to customer queries and provide appropriate resolutions.

6. Call Intelligence

Call Intelligence denotes the ability of the voice channel to gather and analyze data related to customer calls. This data consists of call recordings, call duration, caller identification, and call transcripts. Thereafter, the system can use this information to generate insights into customer behavior and preferences, as well as to improve the overall experience of customer relationship management. In addition to this, the call intelligence feature can be used to train and improve the performance of the chatbot, making it more effective at handling customer calls over time.

How to install Voice Channel?


1. An active subscription to D365 CS Voice Channel Add-in or D365 CS Digital Messaging and Voice Add-in is mandatory.

2. Omnichannel for Customer Service should have been set up.


1. Move to the Voice section. To activate the voice channel, toggle the Add Voice option to Yes. Make sure to check the Voice and SMS Terms box.

2. Save and close.

Core Benefits

1. Live Transcription

Transcription services of voice channel help to eliminate confusion between client and agent. Since the conversation is a transcript, clients do not have to repeat themselves again supporting healthier case transfers. As the detailed interactions are recorded and available for the future, agents are not required to take notes.

2. Intelligent Voice Menu:

The key advantage of the voice channel can be described as the Intelligent Voice Menu. Implementing the voice channel can help to alleviate the strain on one of the most expensive customer service channels. The intelligent voice menu offers automated assistance with a simple demand, lessening the number of calls that are supposed to be escalated to the customer representative.

3. Knowledge domain-based Article Recommendations

The voice channel enhances issue resolution efficiency by offering live knowledge base article suggestions. During the call, the system utilizes AI analysis to provide agents with real-time resource recommendations that can aid in resolving the customer’s issue.

4. Cost-effective:

The voice channel helps to reduce the cost of customer service by reducing the need for additional resources like chatbots and virtual assistants. It also assists in dropping the number of abandoned calls, which can lead to lost revenue.

5. Call Topic Trends

By utilizing call topic trends, businesses can identify the most frequent questions and issues that their customers are facing. These valuable insights can aid to uncover areas where articles may be needed on its customer self-service portal.

6. Increased Agent Productivity:

The voice channel provides agents with the tools to efficiently manage customer calls, which improves their productivity. It empowers agents to focus on providing quality customer service instead of spending time on administrative tasks.

7. Better Data Analytics:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides insights into customer interactions and agent performance, which helps businesses to make data-driven decisions. Further, the identification of areas that require improvement and optimization of customer service processes can be done with the help of a voice channel.

8. Unified integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The native application is built with the same level of reliability and scalability that is expected from Microsoft cloud products. Additionally, it has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, by Microsoft, provides top-notch functionality to aid agents in efficiently understanding a customer’s problem and offering proactive resolutions through knowledge articles, related cases, or smart assistance. This is crucial since agents are generally expected to have a greater understanding of a company’s products or services than customers. Furthermore, by allowing for interactions with customers on various platforms like social media, SMS, and voice, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service serves as a comprehensive call center solution.

DynaTech Systems is a Gold-certified Solutions Partner of Microsoft that can help you attain exceptional customer service with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Connect with us at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com.

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