Integrating ChatGPT with MS Dynamics 365

Integrating ChatGPT with MS Dynamics 365

The chatbot market is growing exponentially. According to some research, the market share for chatbot will be $10.6 billion by 2026. And the latest innovation in this field is ‘ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence’. It tremendously gained more than 1 million users in a week. In this article, we will learn about ChatGPT, its integration with Microsoft D365, Help Guide, DevOps and Code Review.

What is ChatGPT?

A natural language processing tool that is GPT-3.5 based and allows users to have human-like personalized interactions with an AI chatbot, is known as ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a large language model chatbot. Large language models are built to predict the next word in a sequence of words.

RHLF (Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback) could be distinguished as an additional layer of training which contemplates the human feedback to guide ChatGPT to carry out orders while offering satisfactory replies.

ChatGPT is a brainchild of OpenAI, a San Francisco-based AI startup. $1 billion has been invested by Microsoft as a partner & investor. One of the most successful platforms, ’Azure AI Platform’ has been created by the joint venture of the companies.

Working methodology of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a big language model built on GPT3 and GPT 3.5 at its core. This AI application employs machine learning algorithms on a vast amount of information to react to user inquiries in language that is remarkably human-like.

ChatGPT, according to OpenAI, improves its abilities through reinforcement learning, which is dependent on human feedback. The company engages human AI trainers to communicate with the model while pretending to be both a user as well as a chatbot. Trainers compare ChatGPT responses to human responses and rate their quality to promote human-like conversation tactics.

Managing unstructured data

To sort, maintain, and organize unstructured data is tough dealing, rendering it obsolete. ChatGPT acts as a rescuer since it can manipulate data to transform unstructured data into structured data. The tool, for example, may be used to add data to a database, create indexes, and comprehend JSON queries.


ChatGPT support in Microsoft Dynamics 365

ChatGPT is a revolutionary model that will transform the digital industry. Since Microsoft is a core investor in the OpenAI – the founder company of ChatGPT, it is safe to assume that integration of ChatGPT into the Microsoft Products and Services is quite plausible and will yield quite good results. Currently ChatGPT is free to use service model and can be embedded easily into DevOps, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Additionally, OpenAI's ChatGPT has garnered significant attention in software development, especially with "Copilot," an extension of ChatGPT tailored for code generation. Developed in collaboration with GitHub, Copilot assists developers by suggesting whole lines or blocks of code as they work, leveraging the vast knowledge base and contextual understanding of ChatGPT. This innovative tool has quickly gained popularity for its ability to enhance the coding process, providing developers with intelligent suggestions and significantly speeding up software development. As integration capabilities continue to evolve, the combination of ChatGPT and Copilot could offer even more streamlined and efficient solutions for coding tasks within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, further amplifying the potential benefits for businesses.

  • Integrate with Virtual Agent for wholesome customer experience

At present, Power Virtual Agent is used with Dynamics 365 to create intelligent chatbots. These chatbots interact with the customers and engage them in interactive meaningful conversation. The integration of ChatGPT with Virtual Agent will take the customer experience to the next level. Using its intelligent natural learning process, Virtual Agent will be able to provide smart solutions to customer queries. Further, user manuals can be designed which will offer live training to the customers regarding the usage and functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Suite. That will cut down the manual effort of providing assistance and enhance the user experience.

  • Using with DevOps

An amalgamation of set of practices, cultural philosophies and tools that can increase an organization’s productivity by delivering applications and services at higher velocity is known as DevOps. Instead of using the traditional software development models as well as infrastructure services, organizations can develop improved and evolved solutions at a much quicker rate.

ChatGPT can make it more swift and agile. Developers do not have to sit and write all the code. Even SQL queries can be created using a single command.

They can just command in a natural language about their requirements and ChatGPT will perform coding for them. Developers can easily review and approve the code for segment. It will enhance the system performance while reducing the time. Moreover, it will emit human errors and probable manipulations. It can be easily deployed in the Dynamics 365 environment.

  • Review of the code

The most attentive part where human errors are most likely to happen. Review and verify the code that has been created by developers. There are multiple layers of analysis to finalize the code.

ChatGPT can review the code to finalize that it surpasses all the layers of verification. It will certainly become quick, hassle free and less prone to manual errors.


ChatGPT is an amazing tool that is going to revolutionize the digital transformation journey of enterprises. Its possibilities are endless. Merging the power of ChatGPT and Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your business can bring magnificent results. Moderate your manual work force with the help of Dynamics 365 and ChatGPT. Still confused about ChatGPT? Contact DynaTech Systems for more guidance at

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