Maximizing Customer Satisfaction With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

A customer’s interaction with the field services organization has a long-term impact on their overall perception of the company, which can affect customer happiness, retention, word of mouth, and future sales.

Nevertheless, field service operations are frequently divorced from corporate initiatives to improve customer service. Leaders are mobilizing their field service operations to adapt to growing demands and differentiate the experience from competitors, aided by technology.

Pay attention to one of your most critical assets in the quest to differentiate on customer experience: your field service department.

Most business leaders understand the significance and value of a pleasant client experience. According to a recent study titled “Status of the Connected Consumer,” 80% of customers believe a company’s experience is just as necessary as its products or services.

What is Customer Experience for Dynamics 365 Field Service?

The essence of the field service customer services is the interaction a customer experiences during a visit to their home or business. In a B2C context, this may involve repairing a router or a boiler; in a B2B context, it may include installing servers or repairing technical equipment.

The effectiveness of field service is often determined by whether or not a task was finished or done on time. Typically, the operational data your company may collect on wait times or issue resolution is more necessary than the customer experience. Utilizing this data can significantly impact how your client experiences your brand in their environment.

Beginning with the Customer Experience and Journey Map

To enhance the client experience, you must break it down into small chunks and remember what we discussed earlier: be cohesive. A journey is a suitable metaphor because it indicates several stops.

Your Website

Websites are now business cards. So, you should strive to look professional. Make it user-friendly and informative. Opening hours, topics covered, financing alternatives, etc.

If you need an update, remember that website design involves numerous factors.


In emergencies, customers want to call you quickly. If so, your website needs more than a Contact page. You need Google My Business to rank well locally. Keep your info handy.

Don’t let your rival grab a job from under your nose because they took 5 minutes to set up their details and make themselves more accessible.

Scheduling and booking process

Preventative and reactive scheduling and booking must be examined. Our previous two points are connected. Your website targets preventative work, whereas your Google My Business listing handles reactive work (calls after something happened) (they will call before something happens).

You can attract phone-averse customers with a booking portal like a travel website. Then you may show website visitors that you are tech-savvy.

Technician present

So, you have a Millennial-proof website and booking process. This is merely the beginning. Now that your customer has received the proper email notification, it is time for your technician to take the lead in the customer journey.

Technicians contact clients face-to-face more often than any other employee. So, we cannot exaggerate the significance of their labour and conduct in delivering an exceptional client experience, especially when they are permitted to enter someone’s home.

Billing Procedure & Payment

Most businesses provide 29 days to pay, and most credit card firms require up to 29 days to complete the transfer. You may receive your money in extreme circumstances for less than two months.

At this point, you are already preoccupied with other tasks and may need to remember to check. You will most likely know whether or not the job is paid before meeting with your accountant.

A digital invoicing and billing system will enable your technicians to send an invoice immediately after completing work. Your cash flow is secured when you combine this with rapid payment gateway integrations, such as SumUp, where you receive a portable card reader. No longer must you wait for payment while little debts accumulate on your books.

Customer Follow-up

Customer services is essential for corporate growth. You may determine which aspects are successful and have space for improvement by soliciting consumer feedback. This means that once the job has been completed and the money has been deposited, it is time to let the customer know you care about how they feel.

Setting up an automatic method to handle everything will also assist you in receiving favourable feedback.

The implementation of an after-sales care portal is one solution. This will allow customers to complete a straightforward yet effective customer feedback form. Following the positive encounters, you should provide a link to your public profiles.

The Ideal Customer Experience And Well-Tested Customer Journeys

Does your Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service organization recognize and train for offline customer services touchpoints? The punctual arrival of a field team at a customer’s location is of the utmost importance. It can be achieved by designing the most efficient routes and itineraries.

Additionally, preparedness is essential. Before arriving at the location, the link between customer inquiry and dispatch should have “fixed” the client’s problem. So, your field force, whether employed or contracted, will have all spare parts and equipment with them. Customers must avoid re-describing their difficulties to achieve the maximum possible rate of first-time fixes.

Well-prepared staff members will guarantee that customers are listened to and understood throughout their service experience. Your service professionals will always be impeccable if they utilize route-planning software and digital instruments with apparent travel oversight.


Within the realm of Microsoft Dynamics Field Service, the FS portal provides an outstanding beginning point for providing a self-service capacity to customers. It currently has a rather particular use case: it enables a customer to self-schedule from a selection of services without the need to select the appropriate product, which is its only use case. On the other hand, some aspects of the development could be enhanced to make it more usable in the long run. After all, it is still in the preview stage. Reach out to us to know more at

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