Microsoft AI Builder with Dynamics 365 to Transform your Business Landscape

Microsoft AI Builder with Dynamics 365 to Transform your Business Landscape

Microsoft AI builder is the hottest power platform capability that empowers you in elevating the performance of your business. More accurate outcome predictions, complete automation of processes, and the list continue. The use of Microsoft AI builder to add intelligence to all your applications does not require any data science or coding skills. You can get the complete power of AI with a lucid point-and-click experience. 

Microsoft AI Builder 

Microsoft AI builder comprises AI models that can be used for the optimization of all your business processes. With an AI builder, you can get your data’s insights in the form of Power Automate and Power Apps.  

For your add-on information, you can explore how to embed reports in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

With AI Builder, you get the authority to build customized models catering to your business needs or even choose from the existing pre-built model templates based upon your business scenarios.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Microsoft’s family of business applications is Dynamic 365 that enables your business processes to transform into business advantages.  

Do you know, you can buildAnalytical Workspace and Rich Interactive Reports in Dynamics 365? Also, you can get Client Alert support for Email notifications in Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

 You should deep dive into Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem for intelligent business solutions. 

Microsoft AI Builder Dynamics 365 

With Microsoft AI builder, you can leverage the strength of Azure AI capabilities, as AI builder allows you to build no-code models and train them to make your business application more intelligent using your data in Dynamics 365.  

New pre-built AI models keep releasing with time by the Microsoft AI builder team, and almost all of them turn out to be extremely beneficial.  

Process Flow to Add Intelligence in the Business with AI Builder 

With Power Apps and Power Automate, AI builder is easy to work on. Combining intelligence to your business is a manageable process- 

  1. Pick an AI model type for your business requirements. 
  2. Connect your business-specific data from Common Data Service to the AI model.
  3. Do model configuration and customization with the point and click model without coding.
  4. Conduct automatic AI model training to resolve your past business issues.
  5. Create business solutions with AI model results and insights across Microsoft Power Platform. 

AI Builder in Power Apps

AI Builder offers two types of Power Apps components, based on the models you need to apply: 

  • Ready- to-use components that work with prebuilt AI models  
  • Business card reader (canvas app) 
  • Business card reader (model-driven app) 
  • Receipt processor component  
  • Text recognizer component  
  • Buildable and trained components that work with custom AI models  
  • Form processor 
  • Object detector 

Out of the tons of use cases that are provided by the AI builder dynamics 365, here are some of the most important and popular ones for elevating the level of your business. 

1. A builder for Form Processing 

Form processing helps in reading and saving information from standard documents of the ERP process; like tax documents, invoices. Automation of this process saves your significant time in reviewing, fetching, and arranging the information with Power Apps and Power Automate. 

This model needs training from your side and you have to specify the information for extraction from the forms. But there is no requirement of any manual involvement or data science capability.  

The automation prerequisite for form processing is that the document format should be similar.  

Your input documents for form processing should fulfil the following necessities-  

  • Only JPG, PNG, or PDF format (text or scanned) are acceptable. 
  • It is preferable to have Text-embedded PDFs to avoid mistakes in fetching characters and location.  
  • The collective document file size for training should not go beyond 50 MB. 
  • PDF documents must not have more than 500 pages for training.  
  • Image size should be between 530 × 100 and 4200 × 4200 pixels. 
  • Maximum PDF file size – 17 x 17 inches, equivalent to A3 paper /legal sizes and lesser. 
  • High-quality images of scanned paper documents.  
  • English characters only.                                                                                                                                        

2. Pre-built AI Builder for Business Card Reader  

This helps you to pull out information from a business card. If it detects a business card in the image, the AI model extracts it. Information like name, work designation, contact numbers, address, email id, and company name. 

 Please note that 

  • There is an extensive difference in design and format in business cards.  
  •  AI Builder is continually improving the accurateness of the business card model. However, there might be a possibility of incorrect or lost information in few instances. So, you must confirm the output always.
  • This model only supports the English language and a maximum of 6MB size. 

3. Text Translation AI Model 

Microsoft AI builder recently introduced the text translation AI model to make the most of it in the Dynamics 365 apps. This model can fairly improve your communication problems with the clients, even if there is a language barrier. By incorporating the AI model in your Dynamics 365 apps, you can directly translate your emails, texts, etc. from clients easily with no much fuss of using a translator app or person. The name of this trigger in Power Automate is “Translate Email Text”. 

4. Receipt Processing Model 

This one is also one of the most recent additions by Microsoft AI builder in the kitty of pre-built models for supporting Dynamics 365 apps. This feature, as it sounds, is quite simple, the user just needs to scan their receipts, and that’s it.  

The system will automatically enter the data of the scanned receipt into the CRM, eliminating the tiring and cumbersome process of typing or data entry. Thus, businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, etc. can take benefit of this model by eliminating the need for data entry and making processes easier to manage their CRM.  

5. Text Recognition Prebuilt AI model  

It extracts words from images and documents into character streams that are machine-readable. This model applies advanced optical character recognition (OCR) to identify handwritten and in print text in images. 

This model processes images and document files to extract lines of printed or handwritten text. 

File prerequisites –  

  • Supporting languages – English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch 
  • Supporting Format– PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP 
  • Maximum Size – 20 MB 

AI Model Management in AI Builder 

Designing the optimal model every time for your business is fairly an iterative process. Results differ based on the configurations you fix and the instruction information you give. Renewing these elements can enhance your model execution.  

In few instances, although, performance can get degraded. Every AI model kind comprises a collection of guidelines to assist you with building the most suitable model, customized to your requirements. You can understand this in detail with the Microsoft document.

Dynamics 365 Insights Box 

You can discover formulas for success with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Many evolving businesses are switching from finance applications such as Quick Books Desktop Quick Books Online to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Understand why and how.  

Sum & Substance 

Microsoft AI builder keeps launching various pre-built models for supporting, enhancing, and elevating the business’ processes that use the Dynamics 365 apps. All the features of the app can be used to make business processes easier for the owners and users as well.  

These features improve productivity, provide speed, and make functioning easier for the users as well as the businesses. To gain more insights on Microsoft AI builder and Dynamics 365 or to know how you can use it to elevate your business processes, contact DynaTech Systems now! 

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