Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Insights to Manage Your Financial Risks

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Insights to Manage Your Financial Risks

Enterprise CFOs are currently facing a multitude of challenges, from talent retention amidst the Great Resignation to rising costs and supply chain disruptions. To add to their concerns, financial leaders have access to copious amounts of real-time, detailed data related to various aspects of their operations, from manufacturing to supply chain management. However, this wealth of information can become overwhelming and burdensome, especially when it is fragmented across disparate systems.

Finance leaders are hearing a lot about the potential of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) but it all boils down to the way it is implemented. Also, how to use this emerging technology to generate higher ROI which can prosper the business was the main trigger point. To bridge this gap, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance has launched Finance Insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance offers a solution to this issue by introducing Finance Insights, a tool that uses artificial intelligence and analytics to identify patterns and trends in financial data, enabling financial leaders to obtain a comprehensive and accurate view of financial performance. By integrating disparate data sources into connected systems, Finance Insights can guide financial leaders in identifying opportunities for growth and streamlining business processes, leading to increased efficiency, better risk management, and improved financial performance.

What is Finance Insights?

Microsoft’s Finance Insights offers a revolutionary AI-powered solution to enhance financial processes and streamline operations through intelligent automation. The suite of capabilities provided by Finance Insights can automate tedious manual tasks, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

Fundamental Components of Finance Insights

The Finance Insights platform combines three key elements of financial management – insightful analysis of customer payments, accurate projections of cash flow, and the generation of intelligent budget proposals.

1. Customer Payment Insights

Businesses have historically struggled to predict when customers will pay their invoices, resulting in less reliable cash flow forecasts, delayed collection processes, and orders being released to customers who may ultimately default on their payments. However, Finance Insights make it possible. The Customer Payment Insights feature of Finance Insights enables organizations to accurately forecast invoice payment by customers using advanced machine learning on the available finance data. With the help of this unique feature, Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O can learn about historical invoices, payments, and customer information. It can indeed revolutionize the collection process.

The insights gained from customer payments effectively transform the collection process from a reactive to a proactive approach, as companies can utilize data-driven, AI-generated predictions to proactively automate follow-up tasks with customers who may be at risk of delayed payment.

2. Cash Flow Forecasting

Effective cash flow management is critical for the success of any business, as insufficient cash flow can lead to operational disruptions and even insolvency, even for profitable organizations. By utilizing Finance Insights’ cash flow forecasting capability, businesses can better manage and monitor their cash balances, gaining better visibility and making more informed decisions to avoid potential issues.

Through machine learning, Finance Insights’ intelligent cash flow forecasting can automatically integrate data from external systems and reports, allowing for more precise cash flow predictions. This enhanced accuracy enables managers to make decisions and seize opportunities based on their current cash position, leading to optimal financial management.

The cash flow forecasting feature also includes time-series forecasting and customer payment predictions, resulting in even more accurate predictions. By comparing the forecasts to actual financial results, businesses can measure the accuracy of their forecasts and make necessary adjustments for future forecasting. This level of transparency and accountability improves cash flow management, ultimately leading to better financial outcomes.

3. Intelligent Budget Proposals

Businesses must shell out substantial resources as well as time to get the budgets ready. A significant amount of time is squandered scouring historical data to accumulate proper knowledge of the past, a monotonous and low-key process. The assessment’s accuracy may be hindered by the challenge of appropriately evaluating the consequences of the fragmented data available.

Budget proposals by Microsoft D365 Finance are designed to lighten this work burden. It has a dedicated mechanism that can effectively gather a history of multiple years, analyze the data, and forecast the expected budget. It informs businesses of the prediction of the flow using the data of the previous years.

Revamp your Finance Management

Every organization relies on a fundamental group of financial management systems and procedures. However, although digital transformation has considerably influenced business solutions in areas such as commerce, manufacturing, and warehousing, financial processes have remained relatively unchanged in comparison. The implementation of AI and intelligent automation is set to revolutionize financial workloads. With the power of machine learning, routine, and error-prone tasks can become efficient, focused, and precise, leading to a transformation in corporate financial management.

End Note

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance offers a configurable and extensible module known as Finance Insights that provides intelligent predictions for cash flow and budget planning processes. With this module, finance leaders can forecast when they will receive payments for outstanding receivables, enabling them to manage their finances more effectively. The integration of AI and automation in Finance Insights allows for data-driven financial management, resulting in transformational capabilities that redefine industry practices.

The use of AI-capable insights can greatly benefit finance organizations by providing new business acumen and clarity in vision and performance delivery. Additionally, intelligent automation can optimize operational efficiency within finance processes. Finance Insights is equipped with groundbreaking capabilities, and Microsoft plans to introduce the latest advanced features in the future.

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