Overview of Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator

Overview of Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator

When Dynamics 365 came up with the Microsoft Power Platform, we got introduced to a connected application platform which unifies access to your data so as to enable SIs, ISVs, customers, as well as partners to design and create intelligent, effective, data driven, task-focused business applications. This unified approach was then taken a step further with the introduction to Industry Accelerators. These are foundational components, very industry-specific, based on the industry standards that are supported by Microsoft. Here, we will talk about one such accelerator – the one specific to the Healthcare industry.

Healthcare Industry Accelerator

When you have the healthcare, accelerator plugged in to the D365 platform, you are able to optimize many of the aspects of care coordination as well as segment providers and patients based upon Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data. You’re also able to manage the care continuum of every patient within Dynamics 365 by leveraging the entire customer-engagement solution.

With this accelerator, you see a whole brand-new layer added to the already rich feature set of the base Dynamics 365 functionality, as it helps you manage the special needs of your healthcare-based organization. It contains entities to record patient information, nutrition orders appointments, care plans, procedures, and various other functions.

Why Use This Accelerator

This accelerator allows you to design solutions and build new use cases and workflows with entities which are focused on more enhanced care coordination, therefore providing the interoperability that you need to improve the clinical care outcomes and finally, drive more revenue.

It enables the unification of EHR (electronic health record) data while enabling a suite of apps and systems to help manage and understand patient outcomes more easily. By making patient data easily accessible, the healthcare industry accelerator helps organizations develop solutions that can help them gain a 360-degree view of every patient and their individual experiences. The organizations are further able to better communicate and educate the patients, make more comprehensive patient care plans, work towards reducing the number of return visits, and more.


The industry-specific accelerators we have available today are the first in an ongoing effort by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to drive innovation and interoperability across industry verticals.

By utilizing entities like,

  • Patients,
  • Practitioners,
  • Locations,
  • Devices,
  • Medications,
  • Healthcare services,
  • Observations,
  • Risk assessments,
  • Medication requests, and
  • Medication administration,

in addition to workflows like,

  • EMR (appointments),
  • Nutrition orders,
  • Procedures, and
  • Referral requests.

This accelerator provides features to create new components and apps on top of the model, irrespective of whether you’re using Power Apps for canvas, model or UCI apps.

To know more about the Dynamics 365 for  Healthcare Industry, let us know at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com, and we’ll get back to you, as soon as we can!

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