Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with FedEx and UPS

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with FedEx and UPS

Microsoft Dynamics 365 generally offers shipping charges but not real–time pricing options. Due to this lack of integration between businesses and shipping carriers, there is no easy way to access real-time rate shopping options. While several shipping solutions are available to use, they all may not be leveraging Microsoft’s built-in code, so why not consider using direct integration options that can combine the two and create a seamless experience? To meet the constantly growing demand for digital commerce and contemporary fulfillment methods, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with FedEx and UPS can be used.

Reduce costs and maximize service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with FedEx and UPS 


The Dynamics 365 UPS and FedEx integration is a robust shipping solution that seamlessly combines with your Microsoft Dynamics 365. It has been built as a smart and quick solution that works by directly accessing data from your company’s Microsoft Dynamics 365. It helps to shop your carrier partners and give accurate estimates for shipping based on delivery dates, delivery speeds, package size, destination, and more.  

Once your company’s preferred delivery methods are chosen, the Dynamics 365 integration then helps you also generate tracking information, carrier compliant documents, freight dimensions, shipping labels, and other relevant data. 

What makes this integration a true game-changer is the fact that it works in real-time so you always have the updated information needed to carry out day-to-day processes for order fulfilment. All the required shipping information is also directly tied back to the business’s Dynamics 365 solution for supporting billing, invoicing, account assignments, and customer service. Such a connector also offering powerful and advanced features such as address validation and sales order rate quoting.  

Benefits of Dynamics 365 UPS integration and Dynamics 365 FedEx integration 

Dynamics 365 UPS integration and Dynamics 365 FedEx integration are a great way to save time and resources as they streamline the required processes and also increase accuracy. Businesses can make use of its dynamic functionality and compliant features to scale order fulfilment and improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Integration 


Streamlined Shipping Processes 

  • Automate shipping workflows within Dynamics 365 
  • Eliminate manual data entry for shipping information 
  • Speed up order fulfillment through efficient shipping processes 
  • Reduce errors and improve accuracy in shipping documentation 

Real-time Tracking 

  • Provide real-time tracking information to customers and internal teams 
  • Enhance visibility into the shipping status of orders 
  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering accurate delivery updates 

Cost Savings 

  • Optimize shipping costs through better management and negotiation with carriers 
  • Minimize shipping errors, reducing costly returns and re-shipments 

Inventory Management 

  • Sync inventory levels with shipping activities for better stock control 
  • Improve demand forecasting by integrating shipping data with inventory 

Enhanced Customer Experience 

  • Render multiple shipping options to customers based on carrier capabilities 
  • Provide shipping cost estimates during the ordering process 
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering orders faster and accurately 

Unified Data Management 

  • Centralize order and shipping data within Dynamics 365 for easy access 
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy across various business processes 

Analytics and Reporting 

  • Generate reports on shipping performance, costs, and delivery times 
  • Analyze data to make informed decisions for further optimization


Integrations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Avalara Tax Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365
 DynaTech has the required capability and experience in handling Avalara Tax Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that is the perfect extension to manage and simplify your taxation process. It works by offering unified tax by facilitating tax automation based on the customer’s location. Everything is on the cloud so you can also centralize sales management as well as use tax for every channel using this ERP, eCommerce solution. Additionally, you can automate tax compliance, lower audit risk, analyze resale certificates, increase efficiency, and more in the long run.
Address check and validation for Microsoft Dynamics 365
 Address check and validation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps businesses in maintaining the correct address details to ensure you can reach your partners by overcoming logistical problems using EasyPost API Integration. With businesses receiving contact and address data on various platforms, having such a CRM and Order Management system is the prerequisite for adding postal address search functionality. It works by automatically checking, correcting, updating all the address data, and correcting the mistakes to provide the right address. This is supported by comprehensive reference databases that are continually updated. 
  • Common Issues Addressed by APIs 
  • Rezoning: Postal codes may change without the customer's knowledge. 
  • Delivery Time Changes: Natural disasters or other disturbances can alter delivery times. 
  • CRM Platform Updates: Businesses using CRM platforms may need to update customer addresses. 
  • Order Management System Errors: Incorrect address formats may be recorded in the system. 
eCommerce integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 
 When using Dynamics 365 F&O, businesses will have the ability to deliver a unique and consistent shopping experience for customers over multiple channels and devices. The operations have been tailored to cover several kinds of eCommerce deployments for businesses that are B2B, B2C, self-service portals, and more. It works towards boosting online sales and reaching new supplies. You can also get experienced platform integrations such as Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Sitecore, and more. Apart from the expert Shipping API integration from DynaTech, you can also get payment gateway integration, address validation, and tax integration for eCommerce. 
Diagram of eCommerce integration 
Diagram of payment gateway integration 


We at DynaTech understand the need for an hour for such business integrations like FedEx and UPS. We have been successful in delivering entire shipping solutions for companies that help them in creating smooth and continuous order fulfilment over the years. Get in touch with DynaTech Systems at to know more about our Dynamics 365 UPS integration and Dynamics 365 FedEx integration solutions for your business. 

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