Microsoft Power Platform Enhancements 2021 – DynaTech Systems

Microsoft Power Platform Enhancements 2021 – DynaTech Systems

Microsoft has been one of the more exciting companies to watch out for in its significantly long tenure as a tech giant. They are known to release applications and products that exceed expectations and contribute a great deal to their clients. One of the more recent releases is that of the Microsoft Power Platform. This product is a collection of five applications, Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, Virtual Agents, and AI Builder also known as Microsoft Power Platform Enhancements.

All five applications are utilized to collect data and subsequently surface, manipulate, analyze and automate it. The Microsoft Power Platform tends to function in conjunction with other Microsoft products like Dynamics 365 and others. In 2021, however, Microsoft decided to revamp all its applications through a series of new updates. 

The Components of the Microsoft Power Platform 

The reason behind creating the Power Platform was to help businesses capitalize on the data they collect. This became a priority for businesses as studies found that 70% of organizations believe that the data being collected is not utilized to its full extent. For this reason, the Microsoft Power Platform offers its users the opportunity of using the following four applications.   

Microsoft Power BI  

The Power BI tool is essentially an analytics tool that can be utilized by businesses to make sense of the data they collect to make more informed decisions. It is a highly interactive application that possesses dashboards holding insights and more.  

This application allows its users to visualize the information that is recorded in Excel, SQL databases, or the Dynamics environment. 

The update taking place in 2021 will involve the enhancement of the following features:  

Introduction of AI

Artificial intelligence will allow companies to receive more accurate insights in real-time. Aspects like finding patterns will help users to understand the trends in their business.  

Extensive integration options 

Users will also be able to deeply integrate this tool with the applications of Microsoft 365. The integration of Microsoft teams will also increase, therefore, creating more streamlined communication between teams.  

Better governance 

The capabilities to meet guidelines will also increase as Power BI premium will offer enhanced security options.  

Microsoft PowerApps  

Enterprises utilize this tool to develop and deploy functional applications in a matter of weeks rather than months. Users have the option to carry out development without the use of coding languages as well as low code. Thus, PowerApps empowers businesses to create applications on a budget. Alongside the low code approach it offers, businesses can utilize these applications on various devices and operating systems while being protected.  

The 2021 update will focus on introducing a new version of the PowerApps designer. This version will give users the option to carry out intelligent authoring by using artificial intelligence and a designated PowerApps studio for faster app development.  

In addition to this, Microsoft will be releasing the PowerApps portals to allow users to have more freedom to customize the apps they develop. There will be options to add completely customizable UI elements while receiving support from the Power Platform CLI.  

Microsoft Flow or Power Automate 

This tool uses automation to eradicate monotonous manual tasks. By doing so, businesses can eliminate the effects of human error. In a nutshell, the Power Automate tool helps to automate workflows and build and manage processes across various apps and services. After automating these workflows it can go on to create data sets to make the process more visible.  

The upcoming update will mean that Power Automate will now have:  

  • Deploy solutions on a variety of Microsoft applications like Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and more. That is, the integration between Power Automate and other applications will deepen.  
  • Integration with Microsoft team and AI builder will increase as well to enhance collaboration between members and enhance automation respectively. The integration with AI Builder in particular  

Microsoft Virtual Agents 

Virtual Agents make it possible for users to create virtual bots and therefore, eliminate the need for an actual human to carry out certain tasks. This tool is commonly used to automate chatbot responses through content-building blocks, trigger phrases, and more. Thus customers can obtain the information they desire in real-time.  

Updating this tool in 2021 will mean that users are now able to implement improvements in the “authoring experience” of the bots. That is features like shifting between topics, inserting videos and images, and commenting options will be given to the bots.  

In addition to this, users can create bots from pre-designed templates. However, one of the more drastic changes that Microsoft will offer is the opportunity for users to build bots automatically using the website content. Therefore, there is more space for customization that an individual can choose from while creating a bot.  

Microsoft AI Builder 

The Microsoft AI Builder is the most recent addition to this group which allows users to utilize certain AI models to optimize or customize their business processes. Most enterprises utilize this tool in conjunction with PowerApps or Power Automate for more ease of use and customization opportunities while receiving much-needed insights.  

This tool is especially easy to use as it functions on a point and clicks experience. Therefore, enterprises without a designated IT team can automate their processes.  

In 2021, the Microsoft AI Builder will have a variety of new functionalities that will make document processing more intelligent. This will mean that requirements like signatures, the addition of date and currency, checklists and more will be obtained automatically.  

Users will be able to attain early access on the second of August to test and validate the updated features. However, the actual availability to the public will occur on the first of October. In addition to this, the release plans will be made more accessible this year as they will be translated into 11 additional languages.  

Final Words on Microsoft Power Platform Enhancements

With the rollout of so many features, Microsoft will continue to play an important role in the development of businesses, both small and large. The 2021 release wave will mean that users will be empowered to a degree never seen before. 

DynaTech Systems specializes in delivering Power Platform implementations tailored to your business needs with the help. We are happy to provide a free evaluation or connect with us for any query regarding Microsoft Power Platform Enhancements. Contact us at for more information.
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