Reform your manufacturing business with Dynamics 365

Reform your manufacturing business with Dynamics 365

For some years, manufacturers have been incorporating the strategic use of technology and process automation into their business models. Nonetheless, as industrial firms grow, digital transformation programs have entered the industry.

The digital environment of today is becoming increasingly complicated by the minute. Manufacturing operations are becoming more difficult and time-consuming as a result of new machinery, more personnel, complicated supply chain procedures, and growing consumer demands. To manage operations swiftly and efficiently, Microsoft created Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a sophisticated business management system that enables firms to monitor and control their supply chain activities while also streamlining their operations with new productivity-boosting technologies.

Influence the business with contemporary technology

Microsoft Dynamics 365 harnesses the power of big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to assist enterprises in staying current with technological breakthroughs for a greater influence in the manufacturing industry. Dynamics 365 for Production enables manufacturers and distributors to gain a comprehensive understanding of their supply chain and manufacturing lifespans, logistics planning, and delivery schedules. Furthermore, it automates activities to reduce duplication and provides a centralized platform for analyzing, forecasting, and resolving complex challenges that are certain to develop in supply chain operations.

Dynamics 365 automatically combines essential company activities such as sales, manufacturing, and customer support into a cohesive platform, resolving typical difficulties such as siloed systems, separate operations, and haphazard procedures which in turn can improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

How can Dynamics 365 change your business dynamics?

1. Streamline project management

Dynamics 365 records and controls end-to-end manufacturing activities, as well as analyzes production performance, using easy Power BI reports and dashboards to assist assess and approve costs, schedules, and risks. Furthermore, crucial KPIs guarantee that services are delivered on time and with high quality. You will also receive appropriate skill-based tasks as well as real-time access to materials to assist you in making educated product usage and supply chain management decisions. Company intelligence and low-code bespoke applications enable access to essential business data across several platforms at any time and from any location.

2. Improved logistics

Keep track of inventory, usage, and manufacturing expenses. With powerful planning capabilities and adaptable work benches, Dynamics 365 automatically follows work orders through the production process, analyzes resource use, records work orders, and maintains inventory. As a consequence, it assists businesses in controlling total production costs while increasing productivity throughout the shop floor.

3. 360-degree visibility

The key to efficient product delivery operations is a 360-degree perspective of supply chain activity. Dynamics 365 enables real-time visibility and connection among supply chain operations such as manufacturing, distribution, service, and sales. It improves company connection and team cooperation by giving precise product measurements to boost operational performance and assists firms in controlling global supply chain operations.

4. Enhanced customer experience

Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides a competitive advantage to sales and marketing teams by customizing customer experiences, tracking customer journeys, effectively managing sales processes. As a result, it enables businesses to form more creative and profitable supplier alliances and develop deeper customer ties. Furthermore, it consolidates all client data into a single source that all departments may access. Furthermore, it offers self-service for customers across numerous communities and social media. Dynamics 365 personalizes interactions and offers value at every customer contact point through surveys, feedback forms, online forums, and social listening.

5. Engagement of employees

A cheerful workplace contributes to a company’s success. By integrating activities, Dynamics 365 establishes an organized sequence of business processes and gives role-specific solutions to boost the productivity of routine tasks. It also gives employees with ongoing feedback and interactive assessments to make their jobs more pleasurable.

6. Optimized Productivity

Dynamics 365 integrates effortlessly with Office 365 products, streamlines sales activities, prioritizes workloads, and generates tailored sales papers that categorize documents based on relevance and context. Furthermore, it frees up agents’ time to focus on more important activities by providing them with tools that can be utilized on the move and across different devices, independent of network access.

Microsoft business applications suite for manufacturing

  • Supply Chain Management: A cloud ERP delivers the data required to monitor supply chain activity and assists businesses in controlling costs.
  • Production Control: Manage all important production schedule activities such as market demand, equipment, labor capacity, supply chain, and others in real time.
  • Sales: Dynamics 365 enables access to intelligent customer data and a detailed view of each prospect’s path through the sales process.
  • Marketing: Modules like marketing and sales are integrated together in Dynamics 365 to automate corporate operations and enhance ROI.
  • Finance and Operations: Dynamics 365 Finance automates financial procedures and improves back-end operations planning capabilities.
  • Human Resources: It is a full-service personnel management platform that manages difficult HR activities while saving time, money, and resources.
  • Business Intelligence: With inbuilt predictive analytics and intelligence, business intelligence assists organizations in managing their finances, tracking their performance, managing their supplier network, and assisting in informed decision-making.
  • E-Commerce: Dynamics 365 Commerce lets you create amazing purchasing experiences across several online platforms.
  • Client Service: Dynamics 365 archives all customer conversations across many channels, making it simple to develop highly tailored customer communication strategies.
  • Field service: Interactive schedule boards manage resource assignments across many work orders, and smart scheduling capabilities dispatch competent field service agents to designated locations for speedy resolution of client issues.

Why Choose DynaTech Systems to modernize your manufacturing business?

DynaTech is dedicated to offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 service, support, guidance, and add-ons. Our customer-centric strategy ensures that your solution is suited to the needs of your company and can obtain on-demand technical assistance from our dedicated support team. We ensure that you make the most of Dynamics 365! Get connected to us at to know more about Dynamics 365 for your business!

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