Decoding the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights

Decoding the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights

As a supply chain professional, predicting the unpredictable is a key part of the job. According to the latest research, 70% of supply chain professionals have had to adapt continuously to disruptions since the last few years. The recent supply chain challenges have shown that the global supply chain is susceptible to risks and organizations require better insights to make them more flexible and ready for unknown challenges.

The majority of the supply chain professionals are looking forward to investing in a solution that can help their organization to figure out risks as well as flaws in the existing supply chain system. The solution for the problem mentioned is MS Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights is designed to provide an overall view of your supply chain operations. With cutting-edge features such as AI-powered data capture and organization, instant collaboration with stakeholders, and pre-existing connections to popular enterprise platforms, it is one of the most effective tools available to enhance supply chain efficiency and minimize operational risks.

The perks of the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights are endless, and many industry verticals have by now witnessed its power, adaptability, and efficiency. By leveraging the insights provided by Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights, companies can make better-informed business decisions, facilitate collaboration with stakeholders and partners, meet customer demand promptly and in full, and maintain customer satisfaction.

What Does Microsoft Supply Chain Insights Include?

To support the Supply Chain, Microsoft has introduced Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights. It is a readily available solution that will empower users to start working immediately without any further ado. Seamless integrations with the existing legacy systems and leveraging machine learning as well as Azure AI (Artificial Intelligence) are its core advantages. Use these features to derive data-driven predictions that can enhance the operations of your business.

Furthermore, Microsoft has announced that it will offer Supply Chain Insights bundled with Microsoft’s cloud for Manufacturing.

Here are the key traits that Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights has to offer for harmonizing the whole supply chain which has witnessed disruptions after the pandemic.

Straightforward Incorporation

The incorporation of Supply Chain Insights into the current planning and execution systems is quite simple and upfront. It does not need additional commotion. It helps to break down the conventional data silos while generating a digital feedback arc. Using the data from the present systems, Supply Chain Insights will be updated repetitively.

Risk Alleviation and Prediction

One of the most common barriers that businesses witness is designing a sustainable and robust supply chain with zero visibility for future threats and disruptions. It makes them incapable of preparing for future roadblocks. If the businesses do not have clear visibility, it may be the case that it could cause business operations to halt or become congested. This can certainly affect business as it will make customers unhappy while incurring a loss of money and time.

Supply Chain Insights is capable enough to proffer end-to-end business supply chain visibility with the concurrent data from all the locations. Using Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, business users will be able to view and navigate from tier 1 to tier 3. Quickly ascertain impending challenges and take action to mitigate any commotions with Supply Chain Insights. For example, if one of your suppliers is functional but having difficulty sourcing the materials, you can get in touch with other suppliers to settle your requirements. This can help you in putting your product on the market on time without any hindrances.

One more section that affects highly with the usage of Supply Chain Insights is assessing the performance of suppliers. Determine which suppliers have a reliable track record of punctuality and which have been problematic in the past. These performance analyses will guide users to carry out informed decisions so that the forthcoming supply chain cycles do not observe any interruptions.

Supply Chain Insights assigns Risk Score to the facilities and suppliers. Risk is calculated using ecological disasters, real-time weather data, and news from Bing as well as other third parties so businesses are well-prepared for upcoming disturbances.

Let’s say that the business has one warehouse in Florida. As Florida is a coastal area and very much prone to hurricanes, during the hurricane period, the warehouse facility in Florida will have a higher risk score compared to its counterpart in the noncoastal state. Using the Dashboard view in the Supply Chain Insights, users can make out the factors that attribute to the risk score.

Simplified Collaboration

Communication gap and transparency among the collaborators across various parts of the process is another that setback in the effective supply chain. Make the most of the Supply Chain Insights that allow you to invite partners who can present the real-time data as well as reporting. Collaborators could either be suppliers, suppliers’ suppliers, customers, and vendors. Decide the type of information that needs to be shared among all collaborators and at which interval. When all the levels of the supply chain contribute to real-time updates, smart decisions that can benefit to the business can be taken.

Corresponding to the What-Ifs Scenario

One amazing feature that has been introduced in Supply Chain Insights is Digital Twin. Digital Twin can discover the potential threats as well as what-ifs scenarios to supply chain management. Machine Learning (ML) and Azure Artificial Intelligence (AL) provide advanced analytics that executes simulations that can deduce weather-related events, constraints, and/or geopolitical that can distress the production procedure. Recognize the perfect answer to these pertaining issues. By solving the inconsistencies, businesses can enhance the robustness, and volatility, and retain customer satisfaction.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights will act as a supplement to Dynamics Supply Chain Management. To resolve the challenges and discrepancies in the Supply Chain, Supply Chain Insights is designed with intelligent solutions that are Azure AI-powered. Integration of it is easy and straightforward with the existing modules of Dynamics 365. DynaTech Systems is a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner with years of experience. Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is comprehensive. We can offer guidance to implement Supply Chain Management to your existing system. Connect with us at

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