What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management? Benefits & Features

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management? Benefits & Features

The use of emerging technologies in Supply Chain Management is an essential part of a growing organization. By adopting the most advanced technologies, a business can optimize its supply chain operation cost and increase its profitability. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is such a solution provided by Microsoft which ensures smooth functioning of inventory, order fulfillment, and logistics operations. In short, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply chain management is a platform to streamline supply chain operations. At present, Covid has affected the supply chain management’s function but the Dynamics 365 supply chain module is helping to cope up with the new challenges. Let’s discuss more in detail about Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

What is  Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (D365 SCM) is a supply chain solution developed to evolve the trade, manufacturing, and supply chain processes. The solution helps you optimize your production, logistics, and distribution processes, making your business resilient to shocks. With exceptional CRM functionalities and customization, Dynamics 365 provides you with colossal control over the sales process, customer satisfaction, and improved productivity.

Dynamics 365 SCM is primarily focused on increasing the operational efficiency of the business and, consequently, the quality of the end product. You can have a customer-centric supply chain with end-to-end visibility and reduced asset downtime. The solutions of Dynamics 365 easily connect with your existing system and your business as a whole.  From procurement and logistics to delivery and cost management, Dynamics 365 SCM has it all handled.  

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

  • Implementation of AI to Drive Strategies: Predict demand, optimize cash flow, manage production, and assess the growth of the business with built-in AI functions.
  • Optimization of Manufacturing Processes: Enhance the flow of manufacturing and finished goods by optimizing warehouse processes, inventory management, and logistics.
  • Consistent Product Quality: Dynamics 365 SCM enables quick responses to quality issues and adheres to strict product standards at every stage.
  • Minimized Sales Cycles: Dynamics 365 SCM initiates quick responses and information delivery by the sales team through complete access to customer data.
  • Automation of Financial Processes: Automate your core business processes with financial processes to improve user productivity and financial performance.
  • Synchronized and Productive Work Environment: Amplify the output of the workforce, procedures, and tools by improving operational efficiency through IoT, AI, and machine learning.
  • Warehouse Management:  The warehouse management module enables you to manage the processes of manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies, along with transportation, quality control, purchase, sales, and returns.
  • Logistics: Gain customer satisfaction with efficient distribution and delivery speed. Improve inbound and outbound logistic processes for an enhanced supply chain process.

Why Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

  • Seamless Supply Chains: Right from sourcing and procurement to manufacturing and transportations, Dynamics 365 has it all managed, with its AI functions and automated procedure. 
  • Optimized Order Management: Meet the logistical needs of your multi-national operations with advanced order management solutions of Dynamics 365. Enable mobile supported item tracking for an optimized customer experience. 
  • Upgrade Warehouse Processes: Dynamics 365 SCM boosts the efficiency of warehouse processes like inventory management, warehouse mapping, and warehouse management for error-free completion of orders.
  • Reduce Customer Returns: Monitor and gain vital insights about the reason for every customer return with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution to minimize future returns.
  • Global Presence: With multi-localization, multi-language, centralized dashboard, and unified interface, overcome the challenges that come along with global presence. Connect all your businesses spread globally.   
  • Simplify Management: Access all the data and daily tasks through a tailor-made application for employee and warehouse roles, to rule out the disadvantage of distance. 
  • Secure And Unified Data: Secure network and firewalls with Azure’s security model. D365 unifies your data by integrating with external data sources like email marketing, account databases, etc. 

Features of D365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 SCM can manage logistics planning, production, procurement, inventory, warehousing, and much more. Below are some of the features of the SCM module of Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Predictive Insights for Efficient Functioning

Predictive insights through IoT help identify potential machine issues, avoiding downtime and additional maintenance costs, contributing to better product quality and satisfaction of customers.  

  • Swift Vendor Collaboration

The Vendor Collaboration Interface of Dynamics 365 SCM enables vendors to confirm orders and request quotes. They can view and edit basic company information with limited exposure to information about invoices, orders, etc.

  • Effective Transportation Management

Dynamics 365 SCM helps in managing containers, vehicles, loads, and routes to comply with deadlines and adhere to specific delivery slots.

  • Accurate Cost Management

Evaluate and account for the costs of raw materials and finished goods, using valuation methods of your choice. Improve product costing by assessing the cost implications of all your products. Handle manufacturing accounting and inventory accounting all under one application.

  • Asset Management

Asset management through IoT devices and field service data enhances the effectiveness of the equipment and assets tracked by Dynamics 365 SCM. Manage and maximize the life of your assets like machines, vehicles, production equipment, etc.

Final Words on D365 Supply Chain Management

We can clearly say that Dynamics 365 SCM transforms the productivity of your company with actionable insights and unified data. With numerous tools to elevate your financial, commercial, and industrial processes through CRM, Power Automate, and Field Service, D365 is the software you need for your supply chain management. DynaTech is such a Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Partner which has handles plenty of projects in supply chain management and has enormous experience in revolutionizing supply chain operations. Enhance your production execution with Dynamics 365 SCM at DynaTech. Get in touch today! Send us your requirement at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com.

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