Quality Control in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Quality Control in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

For any organization to survive and succeed, the singular key is to have a quality product in the market. Dynamics 365 for F&O provides tools that can help you automate everything from design to pre-production to production to finally, post-production activities. It helps in effectively managing business performance via collecting, controlling, as well as analyzing the quality system data – no matter where the goods are – dispatch, warehouse, or purchase.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (which earlier went by the name of Dynamics AX) has a set of processes around Quality Control and Quality Management that it offers. With Quality Management, primarily, it is the nonconformities that are dealt with. In addition, when a quality standard is violated, it helps one in deploying corrective measures. On the other hand, Quality Control deals with tests, specifications, and standards, telling you what to test, and when and how to test it.

What Benefits Should One Expect from Quality Control?

It is through Quality Control that you can make sure that you only use goods that uncompromised quality – the kind that meets your needs and demands – rather than goods with non-conformity.

Here are a few ways in which Quality Control can benefit your organization:

You should be able to manage turnaround times, schedule various tasks to make problems right and further, prevent any issues from recurring.

Identifying faults across warehousing, production, and dispatching shouldn’t be a problem.

You can make use of historical data to review how effective the previous quality measures had been, and consequently determine what appropriate measures you should use in the future.

You can also have problems tracked according to their type and identify the apt long-term or short-term solutions.

Once you know you have been delivering products of the finest quality to your clients, you can ensure customer satisfaction, and confidently go on improving the brand that your products represent!

Final Word

Quality Control in Dynamics 365 for F&O helps you meet a wide range of quality requirements you have across your supply chain! It helps you automatically begin a quality control process based upon certain predefined criteria, specify all the resources that an inspection operation would require, use item sampling so as to know the amount of current physical inventory which must be inspected, and more.

To know more on why you should leverage Quality Control in Dynamics 365 for F&O, and how it can help optimize the quality of your products, write to us at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com, and we’ll love to answer all your questions!

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