Understanding MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations: A Quick Introduction

Understanding MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations: A Quick Introduction

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a newly released Microsoft Dynamics 365 Application introduced in October 2020. Specifically, it combines the existing project management and accounting modules already present in Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft’s old Project Service Automation (PSA) solution.

A key feature of Microsoft Dynamics is that it offers end-to-end coverage of customer relationships. Most importantly, a dynamic solution can handle proposals, modeling, scheduling, delivering, and billing for the services rendered.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations functionality, you have access to a range of connected systems and processes, such as:

  • Project sales management
  • Project contracts management
  • Project accounting
  • Time and expense management
  • Microsoft project integration
  • Resource planning
  • Inventory-based projects
  • Comprehensive project operations
  • Billing
  • Offer management
  • Price list management
  • Client management
  • Requirements management
  • Lead management
  • Schedule table
  • Teams’ collaboration

With this one-stop shopping approach, you can build, scale, report, and automate without having to transfer data from a single system to another or from one toolset to another. Follow up this Dynamics 365 Project Operations Guide to learn all vital information and benefits of this feature for organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations: Key Features & Capabilities

The Project Operations tool from Microsoft boasts many capabilities and features. Here are some of the prominent Dynamics 365 Project Operations features:

  • Project Management:
A drag-and-drop project scheduling tool based on Microsoft Project makes Project Operations easy to use. Moreover, you can easily manage tasks, schedule events, create interactive Gantt charts, and design work breakdown structures. The tool serves as a planning tool, not as an execution tool.
  • Project Accounting:
Integrated with the previous version of Dynamics 365 Project Management and Accounting, Project Operations offers essential accounting functions to adhere to GAAP or IFRS requirements. However, this version does not include any cost breakdowns. 
  • Project Accounting:
Integrated with the previous version of Dynamics 365 Project Management and Accounting, Project Operations offers essential accounting functions to adhere to GAAP or IFRS requirements. However, this version does not include any cost breakdowns. 

Project Operations Features
  • Resource Management
This software features a built-in resource profile tool that allows you to match resources as per skill sets to project requirements.
  • Opportunity Management
As it’s embedded in Microsoft Sales, CRM, it features pricing and costing engine to manage deals.
  • Time & Expense Management
Project Operations mainly emphasizes professional services firms. In addition, a tool is provided to help submit time and expense reports from a mobile device or browser.
  • Project Dashboards
A limited number of visualization tools are included in Project Operations to assist with resource management, forecasting, and budgeting. 
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations: Benefits that You Must Know

Here are a few significant Dynamics 365 Project Operations benefits you can avail:

  • Increased Profitability

Confining project costing, governance, and compliance can help managers optimize project profitability. Furthermore, most businesses can facilitate global projects using the features of project management accounting, like multi-currency, revenue recognition, and project financials. Hence, companies should always adhere to good accounting functional practices.

  • Well-Optimized Resources

With scheduling & resource management capabilities, you can keep track of resources and their availability in real-time. Identify resource availability and employ forecasting to learn when resources will be busy.

  • Equip Project Managers with the Right Tools

Invest in the appropriate tools for project managers to help manage projects efficiently. For example, reliable Dynamics 365 for Project Operations facilitate project planning and creating a schedule with built-in capabilities such as scheduling, dashboards, and interactive charts, which helps managers ensure project success. Moreover, with Power BI, you can create powerful dashboards with dynamic data.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction

Ensure your project service teams offer customers more accurate timelines and cost estimates. With the built-in management and forecast tools, all project participants will stay on track and attain their respective goals.

  • Enhanced Team Productivity

Make it easier for project managers to manage their resources by allowing them to update their profiles & skills through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. In addition, with native scheduling tools, resources have a high-level view of the project before starting.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations: Integrations

  • Dynamics 365 Sales – Work together on contract documents and project work statements.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – Utilize surveys to gather feedback on projects.
  • Microsoft 365 – Take advantage of Office 365 collaboration and communication features.
  • Microsoft Teams – Collaboration is essential to the success of any project. So, establish a space where project teams can communicate, share documents, and exchange ideas.

Role of DynaTech Systems

Typically, all clients have some unique strategic goals in mind, and it’s the project manager’s role to advance those goals further. A skilled project manager extends beyond managing the iron triangle of time, budget, and scope; they reunite clients and teams, create a vision for success, and get all stakeholders on the same page about what’s necessary to stay on schedule. Moreover, project management can have a significant impact that goes beyond delivering what was promised.

With DynaTech Systems, project managers in any organization can initiate transparent processes followed by achievable deadlines. It will allow everyone associated with the project to work within considerable bounds and not uncooperative expectations. The project operations module enables project managers to maintain, update, and approve all project costs for final billing to customers.

If you plan to implement Dynamics 365 Project Operations, you are in good hands as Microsoft software is mature, high-performing, and DynaTech Systems is a proven Dynamics 365 project management expert. Share your experiences of following up on project management with Dynamic 365 Project Operation features in the comment sections and reach out to us at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com

FAQs on Project Operations

1. What are Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Project Operations is a prominent part of Microsoft Dynamics’ suite of project management applications. This app blends Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA), Microsoft Project, and Dynamics 365 Finance. By delivering projects within budget and on time, Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps organizations manage sales, planning, resourcing, delivery, and billing from start to finish.

2. Is it compatible with Microsoft Project?

Absolutely! In Project Operations, project managers will have access to a Microsoft Project workspace to plan within the app.

3. How will Project Operations solve your problems?

With Dynamic 365 Project Operations, you can manage multiple projects efficiently and accurately. It entails identifying the availability of resources, assigning them to projects optimally, and ensuring the top level of productivity for any project-based service organization. As a result, you will save money on overall expenses and get a great return on investment.

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