Why Microsoft CRM? Key Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Why Microsoft CRM? Key Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

In this result-driven tech scenario, finding the right Customer Relationship Management is an essential step to achieve your strategic goals. Moreover, identifying the best CRM to escalate performance and boost productivity can be a daunting and challenging task.

Microsoft has up aced this game by integrating world-class ERP and CRM capabilities in Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM renders businesses with an entire suite of tools that not only elevate the process of marketing and sales but also help them deliver high-quality customer service and strengthen business relationships.

What Is CRM In Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based business application platforms that renders intelligent business apps to support business and enhance customer experiences. It can be personalized as per your exact business requirements.

Microsoft has various advantages when compared to other solutions. It offers some of the extensive Customer Relation Management features that make it stand out from others. The CRM app enables enterprises to qualify leads, seamlessly manage sales opportunities, elevate processes, build powerful relationships, optimize marketing campaigns, etc.

Top Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Seamless Integration with Other Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM easily integrates with other Microsoft tools that elevates business processes and productivity. It includes Excel, Word, Outlook, Skype For Business, Power BI, SharePoint, and Power Apps. It also includes other Microsoft Dynamic 365 apps and all the Microsoft Office 365 applications.

Such seamless integrations enable businesses to easily switch from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Power BI for customer analytics, Outlook for communication and email marketing, and SharePoint for documentation, collaboration, and teamwork. It also integrates with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications such as customer service, marketing, business central, and field service.

For instance: Let’s understand Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration with Outlook. Enterprises can easily view sales activities, customer information, opportunity information, as well as cases. They can simply add CRM activities like adding a task, adding a lead, accessing phone calls to customer records, appointments, and directly tracking emails to CRM from Outlook.

Elevated Operational Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM elevates operational efficiency with standardized processes and streamlined business operations. Its highly flexible workflow enables enterprises to automate tasks and processes in such a way that it can be used almost every day. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can eradicate repetitive manual tasks. People can craft processes with the help of workflows that showcase business rules to gain desired results.

For instance: Enterprises can easily qualify leads, activate automatic email notifications, or route automated sales lead to individual members using a simple set criteria feature.

Powerful Assistant

Previously known as Relationship Assistant, it tracks various messages, opportunities, and activities. Then it generates action cards based on this information. These action cards will appear on dashboard and relevant records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. It can also give alerts or reminders for meetings. You can receive notifications of any customer requests or queries.

Moreover, it connects with Outlook to store data and track different email activities like replies, attachment views, opens, and link clicks. You can also track suggested emails from your outlook account.

Personalized Workflows

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers driving edge flexibility to configure workflows in the system. It can automate processes like sending emails, updating records status and scheduling follow up activities. However, Microsoft’s custom workflow builder enables you to build powerful and highly customisable workflows within the software and other applications to elevate your business processes.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft in 2016 and hence, it’s fully integrated with Dynamics 365. LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables your sales team to get the most out of LinkedIn with the help of Dynamics 365 The sales team can easily search the LinkedIn network to identify leads and save them in CRM. Based on the search history, they can also receive lead recommendations. It allows your team to directly view the entire LinkedIn profiles of the prospects to identify their current company, position, location, etc. and get notifications when they update that information.

Insightful Reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM renders cutting-edge query feature that enables you to request information for things like contracts, clients, activities, and much more. It enables you to define your own dashboards where you can reflect information, reports, and graphs as per your needs.

You can simply import data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Power BI for the process of data visualization. You can also feed data into the Power BI dashboards so you can avail the most preferred information within no time.

Easy Deployment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM renders various easy deployment options like on-premise, cloud, or partner hosted. When you use cloud-hosted software, you team can access any data, anytime and from anywhere without the need of hardware of IT expenses that are generally required for on-premise solutions. You monthly payment will follow a SaaS (Software as a Service) model in all the options.

Staff Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 renders actionable insights that helps in analysing the performance of your business. For instance: It not only reflects individual customer profiles but also showcases dashboard reflecting cases over a specific period.

The agents can easily view the recurring issues as well as the most preferred and used channels of the customers, average resolution time, and their average sentiment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is easy to learn, and the company’s helpline is always available in case of any difficulties.

The cross-platform accessibility is another significant benefit for busy employees with various devices. It also renders driving-edge facility to interact with the customers through popular methods such as live and voice chat to Messenger and WhatsApp. It addresses the basic requirements of the customer service staff. Smooth communication and client profiles along with high quality user experience simplifies the life of everyone.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables you to always stay connected with your customers. It renders powerful marketing automation tool that quickens processes such as generating leads and client lists, evaluating results, and follow-up execution.

Intelligent Data Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables businesses to gain intelligent analytics from the digital data of their website visitors and sales records. It then finds the pattern form this data. This software allows you to get any type of reports including graphs, charts, percentage etc.

You can easily detect the progress of your business or nay specific department from these patterns and can take effective measure to boost productivity and get desired results. For instance, you can simply support and motivate employees and customers with helpful solutions.

Impactful Customer Service Insights

Customer can avail a plethora of benefits from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. But along with that, agents can also get a lot of advantages with engaging with the customers. The features are varied, allowing you to communicate every day, research information about the customers, solve issues, and build a smooth working environment.

The basic application has the power to escalate the skills of your enterprise and help you build powerful customer relationship. But the fine blend of AI with Microsoft Dynamics 365 programming will only add to the productivity of your organization.

Top Benefits of Customer Service Insights

While rendering great value to the customers, agents can personalize every interaction. It offers a 365-degree view all the customer profiles. It also enables customers to choose their preferred channel such as SMS, chat, voice, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat and many more. It also ensures smooth and unified customer experience even if their case is transferred between different agents and across different channels. Also, customers can access various knowledge articles and AI-powered virtual agents that can rapidly solve issue and save their time as well as agent’s time.

The customer service side of the CRM renders valuable insight that help in communicating better keeping the staff as well customers happy and satisfied. Patterns also enable agents to have a look at customers likes, dislikes, and various other preferences on fingertips.

Elevated Productivity

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, your workforce can easily access any type of information they need. This enables employees to make more informed and smart decisions as they can access all the tools and insights as per their needs. Instead of separately using the CRM, ERP, and Microsoft Office applications, employees get access to an all-in-one platform where they can seamlessly view all the data and information to boost productivity and efficiency.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the best fit to streamline sales processes, elevate company-wide performance, and escalate customer relationship. It eradicates most of the daunting manual and recurring tasks while automating operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a complex program and needs a lot of knowledge and practice to master.

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