What Does Power BI Embedded Do for Your Applications?

What Does Power BI Embedded Do for Your Applications?

Power BI Embedded is a magnificent, powerful, and more importantly, a cost-effective offering that makes it possible to build, develop, and finally deploy data visualizations directly into applications. It is the reporting and analysis solution for web and mobile apps that integrates Power BI solution into those applications. It simplifies the whole process required to embed beautiful reports, dashboards, and tiles into custom applications. Microsoft Dynamics users as well as partners find themselves delighted with the natively integrated and fully interactive visualizations that make their data come alive!

There are many benefits of bringing Power BI embedded into use, but one of the primary reasons why people do actually use it is about how powerful the reporting and analysis of Power BI is within an app. The second one is, in case your app has some users, they too will be able to see the Power BI reports without owning a Power BI account. This allows security to be easily and seamlessly applied through office spaces in Power BI Embedded.

Flexible Personalization’s

Power BI Embedded allows you to design a mobile layout or a custom one, and connect extensions in order to embed the created content in such a way that it looks native to the app. What’s even better is that, for your users to benefit from the visualizations delivered into the applications that you build for them, they neither have to own Power BI nor know what on earth Power BI is!

A Controlled Access

With Power BI Embedded, it is you who is put in control. You can control the access to content and restrict the usage of data using authentication keys as well as tokens. You can personalize every embedded report’s usage as per the relevant individuals, using a reliable and secure platform.

Rein in the Power of the Cloud

It allows you to take advantage of the cloud-powered resources as well as the capacity of Azure to scale both up and down seamlessly. While the developers do work with the familiar MS platform, they also have an extensible cloud environment required for the computing power plus storage that you’d need.

Final Word

Whether you are a software company or an independent application developer, if you are looking to take up your applications to the next level by using analytics, then Power BI Embedded might just be perfect for you!

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